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  1. Busy days.

    August 14, 2016 by rachy

    So instead of having a weekend away or making exciting summer holiday plans we decided to do….DIY! That’s what people do for fun right? And actually for the first time in a long time we didn’t end up trying to kill each other during the process. Flat pack is evil and makes up want to do harm to each other and the world! So we got some bits done that we keep intending to do and never do. Curtain poles and curtains and nets are up. Monitors are mounted on the walls and our room and landing has a huge smell of gloss overwhelming our house. This week LT and I will get on with decorating my room. Then a million other little bits hopefully.

    Am still trying get used to streaming and will start streaming the crafty things too soon. Feeling like I’m talking to myself is a bit odd, though having a 6 year old you’d think I’d be used to it by now! Our friend DD has just bought ESO, so today we have started playing that through with her. We have had it since it was in Beta and have throughly enjoyed the game. I wasn’t and still am not really happy about the changes that were put into the game. I spent a long time building my main character and getting her skills and points spent how I wanted them only have to go back and re-do  it. However, today were fresh brand new character, I have an Orc call Lorki Spudweiser who is a mean, lean hitting machine. Well that’s the theory. She’s not doing badly so far. We’re currently taking a break but will carry on tonight when LT is in bed and we’re all fed. (Pulled pork wraps here. The pork smells divine and you can find the recipe for it over on my food page linked at the top.) 

    I was super proud of BT this week as he’s been trying his best to stick to a healthy diet and more exercise, and it has without doubt paid off with a 6lb loss in a week, mine was rather smaller with just half a pound. Next week will be better! And it’s all going in the right direction. I think I am finally back on the SW wagon with a couple of syn related wobbles here and there and its quite a refreshing place to be!

    Now its time for hot tea, dinner and relaxation. LT is watching Zootropolis, BT is blogging and watching streams and I am contemplating deep and meaningful matters. (Whether I can be bothered to get up to make more tea.) Think we’re going to watch a film in a bit but not sure which, any suggestions of good ones folks? Old or new!

    Take care and have a nice evening!


  2. It’s a bit early!

    August 10, 2016 by rachy

    Morning folks. For some reason it felt right to get up early today, not a habit I want to get into during the summer holidays! 

    This week we have had a lot less home drama thankfully. Though Big Troll’s (BT) brother is now in hospital and is super poorly, so we’re sending all our love to him at the moment. I don’t think we’ve got any big plans for this week, the couple of plans I had made have fallen through so I’m trying to see if I can switch things around so we can do something fun at the weekend. But right now, I’m in dire need of tea! (Which I have but is too hot! I know, first world problems huh?)

    Little Troll (LT) is sitting behind me watching “Hobby Kids” on his tablet while he eats his breakfast. I have to say it’s one of the few shows he watches that I don’t mind at all (until he’s watched them 12 times and still wants me to react like I’ve not seen/heard it!) They’re a nice family, who do a different surprise egg each video. Like a giant Kinder egg but not made of chocolate. If you’ve got little ones, maybe point them that way. We use the Youtube Kids app on his tablet so what he watches in limited and so far nothing has come up that isn’t suitable. Which makes life a lot easier. It means that LT has some independence and I’m not hovering over him making sure he’s not seeing something he shouldn’t be. He also likes the Ted-ed videos, which are wonderfully full of information! There isn’t anything about black holes that LT doesn’t know, to the point his end of year school report mentioned his knowledge of them. Though that video got a bit tiring after the 98765431230 time of watching!

    Yesterday we set up some more of my streaming stuff and I streamed gaming on and off in the day and the evening. Had a couple of new followers which was more exciting than it ought to have been. I think I may always bounce when someone new follows me on there, especially when it’s not someone I already know. BT has sorted out an improved background for my stream and some other bits which are all lovely, so I shall start putting them to good use soon. Getting used to talking to myself and describing why or what I’m doing in game is taking a bit of getting used to, but I’m determined that if I’m going to stream it’s going to be nice and chatty and not silent. We’ll see how it goes, I’ve not got big aspirations for streaming but I do intend to have the cameras set up when I’m doing beady things a lot more (When I find the lampshade for my day light lamp!! It’s somewhere safe!) which I’m quite excited about.

    Today isn’t going to be a busy day I don’t think. I think LT and myself will watch some Dr Who, drink tea and just potter about. He doesn’t cope too well with being off of school for extended periods and there’s only so much structure I can give him in the holidays. So we shall do a few pages in one of his work books to keep his mind sharp and keep him in the habit of doing bits of work. He’s really rather clever, and I’m sure you will rarely find a child who’s parents don’t think he or she is clever. It’s not very often someone says “Oh yes little Penelope is thick as soup!” But! I am not that academic, I love to read (though would rather read something with a happy ending!) but I’m not great with numbers or common sense! Whereas LT is super clever with numbers and his reading skills have come a long way over the last few months. It’s been an odd year for and with LT. He had so many struggles in school, which they got on top of as well as they could, he had his ASD diagnosis which as much as it wasn’t a surprise was still a bit shocking, we knew it was coming etc but having it down on paper is another thing entirely. Then his school moved into their new building for the last term. Which is great, it’s a smashing snazzy building. And of course my son hates it, which I totally get. The worst part was, his new classroom looked out upon his old building, so he had a constant reminder of where he was and where he was comfy. However, come September that building will be gone so I’m hoping that will be one less thing for him to struggle with. He’s done very well this year and we’re super proud of him, and my goodness as much as I love spending time with him I am very much looking forward to the new term starting. There’s only so many things I can take him out to, and he tends to lose interest half way through things and not necessarily understand why we can’t just leave. It’s a learning curve for us all. We have certainly learned a lot more this year about him, ourselves and our parenting style than I expected.

    Tonight in theory I’m off to aqua aerobics. Which is far more fun than it should be! Exercise has never been something fun for me. But I have always loved being in the water. So now twice a week I go to the pool and splash about and do my best to copy what the teacher says, and every week I am exhausted afterwards and very happy! I recently took part in “Race for Life” as part of my Slimming World group. I hasten to add that I walked it, there was never going to be any running! But it was nice and I ended up walking with two lovely ladies from my SW group. It was a rather nice if tiring day!

    Have a good day folks, until my next ramblings!

  3. Blaugust eh?

    August 4, 2016 by rachy

    So I was talking to Troll the other day and he mentioned he had signed up for Blaugust, last year he did it and I thought it was a great idea. But he seemed to be under pressure to get the posts done each day in time. And that for me, was too stressy. I liked the idea but knew I wasn’t committed enough to do that. This year it’s swung around again and it’s changed a little. This year it’s a lot more relaxed, you can post as often or as few times as you like. Just sign up and give them an idea of how many you’re going to do.So that’s what I’ve done, I’ve decided to try to do 2-3 posts a week time permitting.

    So this is the first one. Hello!! I tend to be a bit lacking when it comes to blogging, I have good intentions but am usually distracted by something big or small and then I don’t come back for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot of other peoples blogs, and I think “Ohh I should write a post!” But generally that’s as far as I get.

    Over the last few months I’ve been doing lots of beading and storing up lots of ideas and planning new items. I gave some vouchers to a raffle and just completed a Phantom of the Opera type door plaque for a lovely little girl as her prize. I’ve been up to Yorkshire a couple of months ago and seen a fabulous author called Milly Johnson, who I will go and see every time I can. She writes awesome books, is a Yorkshire lass and is just generally cracking.

    This is a short one to get into the swing of things. I’m in a bit of a grump this morning. Our shower broke this week, smoke pouring out while I was trying to wash my hair dye out. Troll’s tire got bashed and needed replacing and poor Troll ended up at the doctors because he’s sprained his ribs. It’s been a bit of a week. And having just been to Slimming World I’ve put 2lb on this week. I know I haven’t been perfect but I thought I would have been better than that. As with a lot of people, I have a habit of hitting self destruct when things go wrong and turning to comfort food. I’ve had a good few weeks with SW too, so it’s a bigger disappointment than usual.

    Next week will be better! Shower is now fixed, tire is fixed and husband troll has meds to help him. Now I’m going to drink tea and snuggly with Little Troll. Have a good day!

  4. Gameblast16.

    January 13, 2016 by rachy


    Thanks for coming for a look. We’ve been talking about taking part in something like this for a long time, and this is the first time it will work out well for us doing it. So, have a read please, be generous where you can and have a great night! Thanks folks.

    This is my teams page

    Next month Myself, Kris and some other friends will be taking part in Gameblast16, which is the UK’s largest charity gaming event. For it I will be gaming for 24 hours on varying games and platforms. I will stream some of it so you can watch the excitement yourself wink emoticon I will be gaming solo and as a member of an awesome team on all manner of games.

    The charity behind this is SpecialEffect they are awesome folks who raise money to adapt technology to allow people with physical disabilities to enjoy video games. They have done some truly amazing things, please check them out and spare what cash you can to sponsor my team mates and I.

    You can learn more about the event in this video:

    Please sponsor us if you can, this is a charity that I really care about and would like to help them as much as possible. We met them a few years ago and got to see first hand some of the things they get up to and it honestly was amazing.


  5. Movie time

    April 12, 2015 by rachy

    Recently I have been watching a vast array of different movies. Some off my watchlist, some randoms and some that have been recommended by friends. I’ve seen some utter rubbish and some really awesome stuff too. So here I am nattering about them.

    So the first one I will talk about is “Monkey Bone.” By god, that was hard work. It was odd, it was surreal (as it was meant to be.) And I just don’t know what to say about it really. I didn’t like it. The idea was good, it was funny and it wasn’t badly made. But it wasn’t to my taste.It actually made me uncomfy more than anything. I don’t really have a good thing to say about it. But I wouldn’t suggest it to any one and I wouldn’t watch it again.

    I also watched “In your eyes.” Which was suggested by my friend AG. She seems to have good taste in films and shows, I haven’t been let down by anything she’s said to have a go at. So this one was a young lass who can see through the eyes of this guy and he can see through hers. They can hear each other too but they’re at different ends of the country (may have been different countries but I can’t remember.) He’s a really clever guy but has been brought up trashy trailer park style and she’s a nice girl but is mousey and somewhat oppressed/ bullied by her partner. Ohhh I wanted to hit him!! It was good in my opinion.

    I watched “Not another happy ending” Karen G****** in from Dr Who and Gaurdians of the Galaxy. It was a little different and was very fun. I liked the 2 main characters and the one that was a main-side character which is a bloke out of the Shield series. (He plays Fitz or Williams. The bloke. Not sure which.) A story about a lady who write, is rejected by all barring one publisher who is french and grumpy and rather tasty. Things happen, she gets an award, gets a new bloke, gets writers block, grumpy french man tries to fix that but in the wrong way. It was a bit of a different film, a little bit deep but also had funny bits. I would suggest it to most.


    “In my dreams” is next. Woman runs family restaurant after mother dies, isn’t totally happy, restaurant isn’t busy. Gets new chef, makes wish in a fountain, i think it was for true love. Bloke who is an architect working for a crappy company with a crappy boss wants to go out on his own, makes a with in the fountain with his mother and sister and nieces who are nagging him to get a mrs. So they go to bed (their own) and meet in their dreams and don’t realise they’re real people, next night the same. Next day the blokes cheating ex gf turns up and distracts him blah blah. Any way without telling you what happens fully, there’s happy, sad and dramatic hunting and of course a happy ending. Which I do like, I am a sucker for happy endings.

    Have you ever had things in your life go so wrong and so badly that you just want to end it all? Pierce Brosnan has! Or at least his character in “A long way down” has. So, bloke goes to a tall roof top to chuck himself off it, along comes another woman with the same idea, ruins misters suicide, he offers to come back 20 mins later. Very polite of him, ladies first and all. Then drunken young lass comes up and then an american chap. It’s rush hour! So they all decide to do it another night and head their own way. They end up bumping into each other again the same night (new years) and in the end make an agreement to not top themselves until Valentines day. Things happen, the press find out, drama ensues. It sounds like a really depressing film, and it has got deep moments, and you look at each persons view. But it’s also very funny and very sweet. I would say give it a go, but make sure you’re in a good mood to start with!

    Next is “The single Moms Club.” It was ok. It wasn’t a deep film but it had a nice ending. It’s not the best film ever but then I don’t think I would have expected that. The story is ok, the cast is nice and its well made. It annoys me that its called the single moms club but they all end up with partners. Sorry if this spoils things for you folks who were just raring to watch this one. But honestly it just bugged me, it felt rushed if nothing else. But if you’ve got a spare couple of hours and don’t want a deep film go for this one.

    “Thor” NOM NOM NOM! That is all.

    I tried the series “Getting on.” I just couldn’t do it. It annoyed me. I didn’t find it funny, I didn’t find it clever. It made me uncomfy and I turned it off 3/4 of the way into the first episode. The characters were all they types of people who in real life would just drive me mad and who I would come home and rant to Welshtroll about. I can’t recommend this one, simply because I couldn’t make it full one episode. I generally can read or watch anything and get some sort of enjoyment out of it. But not with this one. Oh even thinking about 2 of the characters a couple of weeks later makes me get annoyed. Don’t do it unless you have morbid curiosity.

    Little Troll and I watch Dr who a lot. We have worked our way through 3 of the newer Doctors up to but not including Peter. (I feel the newer series are a little too intense for LT.) I have always watched it with him and censored it where it needs it but for the most part he enjoys it all. We just finished Matt Smith and LT chose to go back to the start of David Tennant. Which I didn’t object to because I find the ending of Christopher very teary! The unfortunate result of watching Dr Who is that LT now relates everything to it. We eat this food because that alien did, we go here because that’s what this baddie did. It’s not annoying at all…. no really grr.

    We watched Disneys “Secret of the wings.” (Tinkerbell.) Oh dear it made me cry! It was very sweet and fun, i think that LT liked it but I suspect I watched more of it than he did. Was nice if you like sweet happy endings and disney of course. I followed this up by watching Disney’s Hercules. It’s just a fun retelling of the myth/legend. And dammit it has catchy songs in it! *Starts humming one song.*

    Oh oh oh!! North and South. Richard Armitage. Ohhhh scuse me a minute I’m having a flush! That man is delicious. Just wonderful! Better than bacon! A mini series about a family who move from Darn Sowf to Oop North. The father is the only one who knows why they’re moving, they find it very harsh up North compared to their home and come across poor and hard people. They of course have a family secret and need to protect it. And Richard Armitage is in it as the honest, hard working (delicious) Yorkshire man. Ohhh I wish i could have him! /sigh. A-hem anyway! It’s awesome and is another re-watch for me. I don’t think it will be the last time I watch it. It’s just good!

    Slipping back to Disney I showed LT The hunchback of Notre Dame. He wasn’t right bothered about this one, and I can see why. As much as it’s good I dont really think its in the same style as your usual Disneys and I can see why it wouldn’t have gripped him. But again I enjoyed it. There’s a theme building here lol I like films too easily I think.

    Oz the Great and Powerful. I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It was clever and fun and looking at the story from a totally different angle. I liked all the characters and the ideas in it. Oh and Jen from Dawsons Creek was in it. It just felt nicely done. I would def give it a re-watch.

    Written 23/3/2015

    Since writing the above post I have watched a handful of other films. I have re-watched lots of the Hero movies, Iron Man, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy etc which thoroughly entertained me. We’re currently re-watching Dinnerladies, which I can tell you honestly has never lost a dot of its entertainment value! Every time we watch it I laugh, and of course cry at all the sad bits.

    Welshtroll has introduced me to Archer, which is wonderful and awful all at once. Not far into that but I do intend to watch more. My poor brain will be warped. I started watching “The Returned” but needed to wait for a few more episodes to get to Netflix so that I could binge on them. Apparently a re-make of a French show/film. Very good so far. 

    I’m also starting again with Once Upon a Time. Really enjoyed that when it was on the TV, but got left behind, so now I shall work my way though it once more. When it started it and Grimm were on at the same time and I could only do one story book type show at a time so Grimm lost out. Since then I have started watching that too and am about to start on the third series before watching the 4th which I’ve recorded on Sky. 

    Today we are watching lots of Curious George thanks to LT. I have taken the easy route and am reading while he watches that and plays.

    Have a good Sunday!


  6. Experience and Adventure.

    April 12, 2015 by rachy

    Recently Little Troll (LT) has had some good behaviour. He was lovely at home and he improved at school. We made a deal with him, if he could keep up the good behaviour he could have a treat. That treat would have been a trip to Cardiff to get clothes for his most recently animal from Build a Bear. When his behaviour got even better Welshtroll asked me if we might take LT to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff Bay. So we told LT there would be a surprise bigger than his birthday and bigger than Christmas combined. We didn’t tell him what or where.So the Saturday morning came, and we were up bright(ish) and early, on our way to Cardiff. We got dropped off not far from the place and started to walk over. LT then spotted the Dr Who sign and a Tardis, “Mummy! Daddy! You’ve brought me to a Dr Who shop!” As far as he knew that’s where we were going and that was awesome. In we went and LT spotted lots of things, “mummy a weeping angel and a ice warrior!” Then a Dalek, then a Dalek made of Lego, then River’s book and lots and lots of other things. That was just in the reception where we were lining up to go in the experience. They take our tickets, give us a gem to put round our neck (which encodes our DNA of course) to keep us safe and then we’re off inside. Now I can’t tell you what happened in there. I don’t want to spoil the fun for folk who haven’t been yet. Needless to say two things happened that stuck in LT’s mind. 1) We saved the universe and 2) Dr Who called us stupid. Honestly, all the things going on around us and all LT can say is grumpy Dr Who called us stupid. Funny little thing that he is.

    So after the experience is over we go into the museum part, we go in the tardis and have our photo taken. (Naturally LT chose the destruction of Gallifrey as our background.) There were some awesome things in there! Tonnes of costumes, models, tutorials on how to walk like a Cyberman or a Scarecrow. LT went inside a Dalek and controlled its gubbins. It was just a blooming good few hours, then of course we ended it by going in the gift shop. That was dangerous!! But we got some good stuff and then we went on a bendy bus back to the city centre, much to LT’s delight.

    After that we went to Yo Sushi. That was good fun, blooming expensive but good fun. We sat at the bar, we all had lots of sushi and came away happy. So of course we’ve eaten and had drinks so we went to the loo, not extrodinary I accept but!! St David’s centre in Cardiff has family toilets, 2 toilets and a sink in one cubicle. Great idea, we were all sorted then off we went. Welshtroll to the Lego store and us to the Disney store. Then I realise we haven’t got LT’s rucksack which holds his tablet! Run to Lego shop, Welshtroll doesn’t have it, run what felt like miles to the toilets and thankfully we’ve been very lucky. His bag is still behind the door where LT put it. *pant pant* Honestly it was such a relief but my goodness didn’t need that! The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, we went to Build A Bear where LT chose a rainbow rabbit, with a star wars theme in its hand and a leopard print onesie. She is called Star Luck, and at 5am is not cute and lovely.


    So that was that, I shall put pics up, it was a lovely, busy, tiring day and I would do it again in an instant!


    Thanks for reading!

  7. Best intentions

    March 7, 2015 by rachy

    I intended to write a new post the other day, but wanted to do it while watching the telly in the living room. So I went to get my laptop out of my bedroom, and it wasn’t there. I spent the next two weeks looking every where I could think of and some random places suggested by Welshtroll and LT (No LT it wasn’t in the litter tray or toilet.) I was at giving up point when it was discovered… in my bedroom. /le sigh.

    However it was doomed, it had obviously been bashed badly at some point over the last couple of months, I suspect LT trod on it on one of his many 6am visits to my room. I know, my own fault for having it on the floor near the bed, but I thought it would be safe. Even after charging it wouldn’t live. So rather sadly it’s been laid to rest. And I am a very lucky girl because Welshtroll has bought me a snazzy Chromebook. It’s lovely, it’s quiet, fast and has all the right buttons! I have the biggest urge to make a filthy joke there, but I shall resist… for now!

    So this is a nice snazzy thing! It’s very easy to use, well so far it is, but I’ve only checked google, facebook and my blog since getting it. I haven’t tried adding anything yet either, it looks a bit daunting, so I’m pretending that I won’t need to at all. 

    Today has been a quite relaxing day, Welshtroll went for his driving lessons this morning and we booked his theory test. LT and I watched some Doctor Who and then he took over my PC and I have barely seen him since. WT & LT are still hours later sitting playing varying games on the PC’s. I’ve watched a film and now I’m sitting watching Dinnerladies. I will never stop finding this funny, the number of times we quote it is ridiculous! I’ve got a cottage pie going into the oven shortly and a hot cup of tea next to me. All is good in the Troll house!

    I shall hopefully get to writing the two posts I had been planning pre-laptopmageddon. Until then, have a nice day and thanks for reading! And! A big thank you to my lovely Troll for my pressy!

     *Update* Welshtroll has since done and passed his Theory test and is building up to doing his Practical test.

  8. How do!

    February 20, 2015 by rachy

    Ey up!

    So it’s Feb 2015. It’s been a nice year so far in many ways, none of them very exciting. Am still happily going to SW. Christmas was interesting and I struggled to get the Xmas weight off so I started SW again and cleared all my history off and started again. It feels like it took the pressure off a bit. 

    This week is half term holiday from school. Which I was really looking forward to, LT hadn’t been off school in ages. Oh, hang on that’s not right! The week before this holiday he was in Monday, off Tuesday and Wednesday and back in Thursday, then they had a teacher training day on Friday. Ahhh one day he will manage a full week/month/term at school. Poor thing had Conjuntivitis this time. It was not fun for him or infact for us. Have you ever tried to get a very head strong 5 year old to wash their hands constantly and to not touch their eyes? Thank heavens for the Hulk shaped soap dispenser! However he is back to normal and has been bouncing away as usual for most of the week. (Though not right now, thankfully he is in bed right now. *content sigh*) 

    My parents came down on Sunday and we went to a local Carvery for dinner. Which could have been better quality. In fact it was quite a shame, we’ve eaten there a few times and never been disapointed. This time it was Valentines weekend and there was some sort of sport on, so we suspect they weren’t as fully booked as usual and the quality of veggies reflected that. The meat was scrummy though! After food we all trotted over to Tesco for some goodies and then hiked home to relax and watch a film. Mum had knitted a teddy for LT, he had called her recently and said something on the lines of “Grandma? If I am really well behaved with Mummy in Cardiff can you knit me a teddy please?” And Grandma said yes. So of course LT reels off the instructions for what he wants out of this teddy. “Can it be rainbow please? If not rainbow, yellow and if it can’t be yellow can it be bright green? and if it can’t be bright green can it be dark green?” (this was repeated for a few colours.) Well she did it. And it came to live with us this weekend. As soon as he got up on Monday morning it was demanded that the teddy got dressed. Because of course a naked bear simply isn’t on! So LT decided that this new bear needed to wear the Else Frozen dress he had bought at Christmas for his new Build a Bear animal. And here he/she is! I think you will all agree that is an awesome bear! (Thank you very much Mama! It’s been every where with him this week.)


    Monday morning we went to the pub for breakfast to meet my parents, and lovely Welshtroll had the day booked off work so it was quite nice for us all to be together. After that we drove off to Cwmbran where we wandered round the shops for a while before heading into the worlds oddest cafe and confusing the staff with what should have been a very simple order. I think I can safely say that I shall never visit that place again, partly because I don’t think they would want us back and partly because the prices and food were not equal to each other. Though we did discover a new artist that we intend to buy some prints from. Though I can’t link you to the chap at the moment because we intend to buy one for a friend who has a bday soon and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. After our wander we headed to my parents hotel room to shove some stuff in there and then off to Blackwood to see the Shaun the Sheep movie which was super fun! After that we went out to the Otter for dinner and then home. Tuesday morning Welshtroll was back at work, LT and I met with my parents for breakfast and then they were off on their travels and then home. LT and I pottered about the house for a while and then it was off to his swimming lesson which he enjoyed, though I suspect he liked seeing his friends more than the lesson itself. 

    Wednesday went by in a blur, we popped out to get some of the new SW meals from iceland but I don’t think we did anything more exciting than that. Then Thursday dawned, we did LT’s homework, read some books, played games and then in the afternoon we went to our local theatre to see a magic show. It was only an hour long and it was good fun. They had some kids up on stage to help them and they gave them balloon animals as rewards and then had the gumption to have enough balloons for ALL the children in the audience. They were also selling magic sets which LT desp wanted and at £2 I didn’t have the heart to argue. So far he’s turned our cat into a Unicorn and an Owl with the magic wand and he’s made a friend better after she was poorly. (Though the magic takes 10 days to kick in for that one.) SW weigh in last night and then we move onto today which wasn’t overly exciting. The morning at home then off to my in laws for a couple of hours. An ice cream van drove by while we were there and we were treated to the biggest 99’s I have ever seen care of my FIL. Gosh that was lovely. I was mean and sent a picture of it to Welshtroll. I feel no remorse muahaha!


    This weekend Welshtroll will be doing his driving lessons and I shall be sorting the school uniforms out but not a lot more. Though my sister has asked me to do a stag picture for her so I shall spend some time on that. I have decided to take part in the “Diva Challenge” this week, which my mother often does. You can find the picture over at my crafty page. I can’t think of much more to say at the moment. 

    Thanks for reading and have a nice evening! *Slurps tea*

  9. Catching up.

    October 17, 2014 by rachy

    Hello folks.

    This is a bit of a catch up post I think. Went to Slimming World last night, it was our Christmas Party. Yep, in October. But it was to celebrate the publication of a book, and a deal where you can buy a huge chunk of sessions and get some free and some other things. It was also a “taster” session. Where everyone takes something in, be it bought or made. Healthy or low Syn food. Last night was wonderful. We had soups, curries, quiches, pies, Turkish delight (wonderful! I shall be trying that one soon!) lots of puddings (A rather lovely lemon one that I could have happily had private time with!) Lots and lots of variety, there were cheeses, and healthy crisps, and crackers and sooo many yummy things. My contributions were Slow Cooked shredded Chicken, which I shall write the recipe up for on when I’ve finished here. I also took Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup, and a SW recipe of Luxury Chocolate Log. All went down rather well, and as a group we were rather like vultures. It was a nice night, they really are a good bunch of ladies, and are very supportive of each other. I was saying to my friend H who I go to SW with, pre-SW, if I was to go to a place that had a buffet, I would do one walk up, fill my plate with a decent but not giant portion and that would be it. Purely for fear of being seen as “that fat woman’s going back for more” or anything else judgemental. And it is true, people do judge, make jokes etc and its flaming hurtful, even if we make a joke of it when it’s over heard or if we act like it doesn’t matter. It does. Last night was a revelation, I think everyone went back to the table 2 or 3 times, I certainly did. And it wasn’t being greedy either, people took small amounts of everything they wanted to try, everyone was fed then people went up and got more, again in small portions. There was no judgement at all about people going back and forth. It was just nice, and makes for a nice atmosphere and a very fun evening. (I still find it surprising that A) SW has been a rather easy transition and B) I enjoy going to the group so much.) 

    So for my weigh in last night I had lost 3.5lb, which is great, it would be a little better if over the last month I hadn’t been a bit up and down in my weight loss. However, I feel I’m back on track now and hopefully by Christmas I will have lost another stone and be in a smaller size of clothes. We had to fill in a little wish thing last night, and being in smaller clothes was mine, so I’m hoping that putting it on here doesn’t cancel the wish out! 

    Little Troll (LT) has had a few ups and downs this last few weeks, I quip that I don’t think he will ever manage a full week in school, then the school call me and tell me he’s poorly and will I please go and fetch him. I really should know not to jinx myself! So he currently has a virus, a temp, rash, sickness etc. Nothing too dramatic, but enough to be a bit of a worry and to make him be snuggled up under a blanket with tea and cartoons. I got two phone-calls from school last Friday, firstly LT had been hit in the head with a piece of Lego and it had cut his head, and then a few minutes later another to say that at lunch time he had trapped his fingers in a door. Eeee (Yorkshire style, not an excited noise.) That poor lad! He really does take after his parents, poor little bugger! We have school photos coming up on the 23rd of this month, I just pray that he gets rid of the rash and cut and has nothing else to show on his face for that week, then he can do as he likes lol.

    I’m trying to think of anything else that I might have to say, but after a rather unsettled night my brain feels a bit like mush. Oh! We finally caught up watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Was really good and looking forward to it coming back hopefully sooner rather than later, I also hope Penny Dreadful comes back soon I really enjoyed that one.

    We have of course got the dreaded C coming up. For which I have bought our train tickets and got things for just about all the children in the family and friends and just have the adults pressies to get. It’s always so expensive even with good deals.  We shall be off to the Panto at the end of this month to watch Pinocchio with LT, H and her little boy which should be fun. And then for Halloween we’re going to H’s house, the boys will dress up and give out sweets at the door, we shall have yummy food, which of course will be mostly SW friendly, though I do intend to take a bottle of wine with me. And the boys will have lots of activities to do that I’m planning including my all time fave of apple bobbing I hope. I intend to make the food spooking and have found some Mocktails that I can make for the boys (and us) that are spooky, though I need to get some syringes for those hehe.

    Right that’s about all I can think of. Take care all. Oh and go check out my Grub’s Up page, I shall add a couple more recipes now. If you’ve got any recipes you want me to try and to write up after then please feel free to give me a shout, since most of my readers are on my twitter or fb you can easily message me there but for anyone who doesn’t have me there email the recipe to

    Take care all.

  10. World o slim!

    August 22, 2014 by rachy

    For a while now I have been going to slimming world as some of you may know. I have rather enjoyed it, it’s as not difficult as I thought it would be. They explained the in’s and outs of it, the do’s and don’t’s and none of it seemed to be too scary. It took a couple of weeks to get the hang on things but it was going well from the start. In that first week I lost 6lb, which is great, it would have got me slimmer of the week, but because they sort of expect you to loose quite a chunk in the first week they leave it until the second week to put you in for that sort of thing, which makes sense. My next loss was good too, 4.5lb so very pleased that within 3 weeks of joining I had lost 10.5lb. The next I had another 2lb off and the following week I didn’t loose anything but I did maintain my weight. So in my first month I managed a 12.5lb loss and was lucky enough to get slimmer of the month. I felt and still feel rather proud of that. 

    It makes such a massive difference going to a group and sitting and talking about things, doing this with other people who are in situations similar to mine. I have done various diets before and although they’ve worked they never did much after the first month and there certainly wasn’t the support there with them for real life stuff. Being able to talk to folk online is all well and good but sometimes a real world connection is needed. The people in my group are very nice, in various stages of their weight loss goals and are so supportive of each other, it’s lovely.  In fact it’s nothing like I imagined it to be. I thought it would be daunting and people would judge you. I thought they would announce your weight at each weigh in, I thought everyone would see the dreaded numbers come up, I thought there would be a shaming type thing going on. I couldn’t have been more wrong honestly! You go in, you hand your card over and it logs you at the meeting, you pay your money over, then you go and get weighed. (And of course you come to group in light clothes and take your shoes off. I make sure that I’ve been to the loo for a 2 before group, TMI I know BUT I stick by my theory that it works!!) Once you’ve weighed, you put your piece of fruit in the bowl that is awarded to slimmer of the week at the end of the session. Then you have a sit and a natter with the people there, you look at the snacks, books, magazines and recipes that are there. The lady running the group (she’s bouncy and lovely) goes around the group and talks about how we’ve done, though she doesn’t say “Oh! You’ve put on 3lb this week!” or anything like that. She tells us how much the person has lost that week, we clap, or how much total loss is and we clap, how hard people have tried etc. We clap a lot, at first I didn’t really feel comfy with it if I’m honest. It felt silly to me, but it’s not, not at all. I understand now, you praise and celebrate all the good points, and you encourage people to keep going and keep trying. It doesn’t matter if someone has gained or had a bad week, you move on and keep going. We discuss what we could have done better, what our downfalls are and of course we don’t focus on the negative totally, we talk about what things we can use to make things easier, what we like to make or eat. The group helps each other, suggests things and supports themselves so well. (Though often conversations go off on a good tangent, which usually lead to giggles all round.) It’s a nice feeling being there. I am so glad I joined. (Another good reason to go is you get stickers and certificates! How awesome is that? As an adult where can you get STICKERS as a reward?! If I had been told years ago that I got stickers and free tea if I went to SW I would have been off down there to sign up in a flash!)

    I went up to Yorkshire for 2 weeks, so I had a week off of group (though kept eating healthily, and then would arrive home in time to go to the following group. The second week of my stay was not quite as healthy as the first. But you know what? I had treat, and they felt like treats. The difference between eating junk and crap all the time and having it now and then really is that it feels like a treat and it becomes so much more enjoyable. My Thurs night dinner has become Steak, Syn-free chips, veg and I have a bottle of fruit cider throughout the evening. Then my dessert that night is a Galaxy Ripple bar. My god it feels and tastes like heaven. I don’t use many of my 15 daily Syn points. I don’t want to, so this is just world stoppingly good! I came back to weigh in expecting to have either maintained my weight (at best!) or to have gained. And after a lovely week and treaty food that would have been fine, I would have moved on and started again. However I was pleased and shocked to find I had lost 1lb. That may not be much but it was more than I thought would happen. 

    Well last night was my SW weigh in night, and I wanted to loose 1/2lb which would have taken me up to a stone lost. This would have given me my second certificate to stick up on the fridge. And more stickers for the back of my book. I have had quite a good week. One thing I have discovered that works better for me is to not snack. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. All healthy, all good size portions. I haven’t felt hungry in-between my meals at all so far. In fact the only time I have got peckish when it wasn’t a meal time is on nights where I stay up until 2am. At which point I just go to bed rather than having snacks just before sleep. So I’ve been sticking to my plan this week, it’s the first week I haven’t written a food diary and I thought that I would have lost my 1/2lb. I also said that if I didn’t I would be chopping off a limb! So in we go, hand our card over. (I don’t pay at the moment as I bought 6 weeks for the price of 5.) Then it’s shoes off, deep breaths and on the scales. 

    Last night I swear to you, you could have knocked me over with a (weighty) feather! I thought the scales were broken or something. I looked at the ladies gadget and thought “nah that’s not right” What I was seeing didn’t make sense. I had found it more difficult to loose my last 1.5lb toward my stone than any of the rest of it. So this was very confusing. The lady looks at me, the lady behind me in the line looks at me. I am totally confused. I had lost a whopping 8.5lb since last Thursday nights weigh-in. How is that possible? I don’t know, but it was! That’s a total loss of 1 stone 8lb. Off I go to sit down and wait for our group natter. In which I’m not only presented with my 1 stone certificate but my 1.5 stone certificate too. I felt super embarrassed and a tad proud too. It felt nice to know that doing this was making a difference to me and that other people thought I was doing well too. At the end of the group I was then presented with a Slimmer of the Week certificate and the bowl of fruit that comes as your prize. I came home to tell Big Troll who was pleased with me and for me, and Little Troll who had been allowed a late night playing on his games on my computer while I was out said that he was “Very proud of me for winning the mummy competition and he wouldn’t ever sell me.” I think you can all appreciate the weight that took off my mind, which of us don’t worry that our children wont sell us eh?

    So yes! That is me feeling a little smug and a lot happy, as well as being rather hopeful that I can continue to loose weight in a nice healthy way- even if in a smaller weekly number!


    Take care all! xox