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Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

July 4, 2010 by rachy

I played the demo of this, and was hooked. I really enjoy all the Lego type games (though not so much on the Wii as on the 360), so when I saw there was going to be a collection of them and that they we’re going to be Harry Potter, well I just about popped from nergasming! 

This game seems to offer a lot for people, and in my opinion is well worth it’s money. It has puzzles, and secrets, wonderfully funny animations relating rather well to the storyline of the books. Some die-hard potter fans may find issue with how close they manage to be to the stories, but let’s face it, if you could cope with the huge changes they made from book to film, you can cope with the changes they’ve made for the game… plus its Lego! What’s not to love eh?

So as soon as I could, I had this game in my mucky little grasp, and as soon as I got chance (booting Welshtroll off the Xbob and putting Baby Troll in his wheelie-ma-jig), I got to playing it. I had enjoyed the demo so much that I wanted… no needed to see if the entire game would live up to it’s potential. And so far, for me at least, it has. 

There are so many thing’s to do on there, that I easily find myself playing for hours without noticing, which to me is the sign of a good game. Like in the books, you learn the spells from the relevant teachers, you go through the motions of making sure you’ve got the hang of them before the game gives you the spell to use out of the classroom. You get to explore all of Hogwarts and it’s grounds, as well as going through Gringotts, where extra levels are kept when you’ve earned them, and of course you get to go down Diagon Alley and Nocturn Alley and explore the shops, and spend the points that you’ve earned throughout the game in them. And then you’ve got the cast list, you not only have the main human/ giant/ arachnid/ animal characters but you also have the beasties and people with lesser roles. On top of that, as if it needed anything more, you can play as those characters! So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a Lego Scabbers, fang or Crookshanks, you’ve got your wish. And then! You get to play as baddie’s as well as the goodies! *takes a breath*

I have not yet completed all 4 years, but I’ve only had it a week and with hubby and baby at home with me, I don’t think I’m doing badly to have finished the first two years. I am looking forward to doing the next two stories very much! If they are as good as the one’s I’ve completed, I shall be a happy girly! Plus, when I have finished the entire lot of stories, I’ve unlocked free play, meaning that I can go back and do lots of playing about with Quidditch, and flying, and characters etc, and complete the secrets that I may have missed. 

Now, I’m trying not to be all fan-boy-girl about this, but I feel I may be failing. I am struggling to find anything about this game that I don’t like. But I’ve another two years to find out… so to speak.

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