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Early rises and sanity demises!

August 3, 2012 by rachy

Random Tea pic to start the day off right!
My adorable little Mini Troll woke me up this morning at about 5:30. It wasn’t the first time he woke us up today for he had a restless night, which is quite unusual for him- he has slept through the night more or less since birth. So this morning he woke up, his daddy turned his light on en route to the loo and the first words out of Mini Troll’s mouth were “Stories?” Last thing he said to me last night? “Stories?” The child is hooked on books! Which makes me happy, we’re a family of readers so that suits us well. So while I’m lying in bed and Big Troll is getting ready to leave for work, Mini Troll is reading a ‘Meg and Mog’ book to us. It was very good! After a few minutes I go into him and he jumps up at me, and off to the change mat we go. Soon as the little beasty is down on there he is wriggling and giggling like a maniac! He thinks everything is funny this morning, he has the energy of a hundred hyperactive otters! Just as I’m putting his trousers on him he lets out a mighty trump and looks up innocently and asks me “What was that?” You have to give him his dues, a lesser person would not have got away with it! And off we go to the living room where I point out that he is up far too early because the cartoons are not even up yet, I feel this is a good way to judge time! If there are no cartoons in the morning it is too early, if there are no cartoons in the evening it is too late. Logics! I’s got em!
As I mentioned in my last post, I am off wandering today up to my in laws, where Mini Troll will get spoilt and where he will no doubt destroy everything in sight! He loves going up there, he can run around hiding and destroying all new things! Plus there are rabbits and cats for him to love (and eat their food!) I am hoping today will go by quickly and that the weekend will go by slowly, but I’m sure it will be the other way round! Usually I don’t mind early starts on Fridays as we have playgroup to wear him out and I stand at least a slim chance of him napping. But sadly today is not one of those days and no doubt by 10am I will be flagging!
We have no plans this weekend other than sending Daddy Troll up into the loft to sort out the water tank, then if he’s a good boy I might make him stay up there while I pass things up to him! What a lucky boy he is! Muhahahaha! Maybe when he goes up there he will find a treasure chest full of money or something? I doubt it, but we live in hope eh? I just pray that this time Big Troll manages to stay inside the loft and not come through the ceiling!
Well that’s my early morning ramble over with! Have a good Friday and enjoy your weekend! I am off to clean cereal off the living room floor and make more tea!

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