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Oh what a week!

August 19, 2012 by rachy

Down in Troll Valley we’ve had an eventful old week! 

Monday saw me going swimming with Red and our respective off spring. The tots loved the pool and would have happily stayed there a lot longer I’m sure! However as with all things, water time ended and off we went to get changed.
Before getting into the pool I dropped my trousers into a puddle, so it only seemed right that when we were collecting our things to get dressed afterwards that I drop Little Troll’s trousers in the same one. Then whilst standing stock still in the cubicle, Little Troll slips falling flat on his back, he has a talent for the oddest and least expected accidents! So he hits his head on the floor with a decent clunk and is inconsolable for at least three minutes until I give him my towel, some juice and a snack. Leaving me with a baby towel to get dried with, I don’t think I thought that through if I’m honest. However he happily sat sniffing, sipping and scoffing while I get dressed as quickly as possible, then sort him out and off we go.

 I had this amazing idea that if I didn’t take his pushchair with us he would get super tired out and have a nap in the afternoon when we finally got home. Oh what a fool I am! Simple logic does not work with my son. He wasn’t tired one bit, in fact he was so awake that on the walk back home before heading to town (for we both needed fresh trousers) he wanted to stop and look at everything, twigs, bushes, rubbish, if it was on our way he stopped to look at or poke it. Following behind Red and Princess a fair distance away they head to their house and us to ours. En route home Little Troll falls over not once or twice which I feel would be acceptable for a toddler, but six times! Six times! How is that possible? It’s only a few minutes walk from Red’s house to ours and he manages to fall over that many times! And on fall number five he falls flat on a pile of dog poop, straight in the middle of his chest. He is a manky child at times with hidden talents in mess making! So instead of heading to town with the ladies, Little Troll and I head straight to the bathroom for an emergency bath cancelling all other plans. 

Bare in mind this is only halfway through Monday, all this fun and it’s only about 2pm! So Little Troll and I sit down to some cheese sandwiches. That can’t possibly go wrong can it? Wrong! Little Troll decides in his infinite wisdom/childish curiosity that instead of eating said sandwich he should shove it up his nose! Not just a little bit, and not just a little way into his nose, but right the way back up to the back of the cavity. I remove all that I can, call the doctors who tell me they can’t help and that Little Troll and I have to go to hospital to have it removed. So off we go to the hospital, sit waiting for a couple of hours and when we’re seen he lays back and has the cheese and bread removed and we’re sent on our way. Wasn’t that exciting boys and girls? I know I found it utterly thrilling. It took several strong cups of tea to recover from that one!

Tuesday on wards the week passes by without much more excitement. We see friends, we potter about, the usual. (Though Thursday night was spent in the company of Dotty and Red with chocolate fondue and Champagne, which was rather nice!) Saturday comes around and we’re off out to Big Troll’s work family do. They’ve got so many things set up for the adults and the children, the food is wonderful and the bar is free! Little Troll was in his element! He was running about like a loon! On the bouncy castle, in the disco area, on the bouncy assault course designed for much older children. He was super happy and was his usual ‘energetic’ self. Every now and then he would make a dash for it out of the main room the event was held in and would try and hide from us, each time we would catch him and bring him back. (Though at once point with much apologies to some people setting up for a dance or fashion show as he ran into their room and up onto their brand new cat walk. 

It’s on one of these many escape attempts that he takes a stick used for spinning plates on, throws it out of the door way and laughs. I put him back in the room, turn and pick up the stick and put it back in the room to discover he’s gone. Big Troll hasn’t got him, he’s not in the room. He’s not in the bar room he threw the stick into. He isn’t there. I have never gone from one emotion to another so fast in my life. So Big Troll and I start looking for him, a couple of his work mates ask what’s wrong and as soon as I tell them they join in the hunt. The problem with being in a place with lots of luxury things is that they have snazzy gadgets and things, such as automatic escalators and automatic lifts. So as you approach them and they start going or the doors open. By this point we’ve all split up to look for him, I head down an escalator, so many awful things running through my head, into a giant, dark room, no sign of him, no reply when I shout him, nothing. I head back up the escalator as fast as I can, pop my head outside and start looking there, nothing again. Head back inside and start looking in there, when some one says they’ve seen him. Big Troll moves like the wind up the escalator to a lady who is walking Little Troll back toward us looking very mischievous and chuffed with himself if a little sheepish. He had gone up the escalator, into another party room then on to the lifts. One push of a button and he would have gone goodness knows where. It’s at that point we put his wrist strap on him and don’t let him out of our sight for a nano-second for the rest of the event. I am so thankful to the people who helped us look for him, the ladies who found him, and the free bar for making it all OK afterwards! How I didn’t sob when he was back with us is beyond me, because even thinking about it now makes me want to cry with all the “What ifs” in my mind. Any way! He was found and safe and wanting to play some more, it all having been a big game to him. 

He doesn’t ever do things by halfs eh? Today is Sunday, a day where Little Troll has been bathed and fed, has played and read and driven us happily up the wall. A day where Big Troll has gamed and played with us, A day where I have made Casolet, Pavlova and Pancakes, as well as being a day where we went to my Troll-in-Laws and spent a few hours there with Little Troll running about making us all laugh and thoroughly enjoying himself. We have come home and eaten and put him to bed. How pleased am I that today has been uneventful? Very! Tonight Big Troll and I have watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes (the new one) and Murder by Death while he games (World of Tanks) and I have completed a few more cards. It has been thoroughly relaxing and I’m glad of it! 

Who knows what drama and excitment this next week will bring? We intend to go swimming and to a birthday party this week, but that’s as big as our plans get. I have been posting this link on my facebook and twitter because I can’t help but find it funny. Worse still I find it funnier each time I see it. So I hope that you will enjoy it too. 

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