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The End is Nigh.

September 2, 2012 by rachy

end is nigh1

There are some things in life we hope for. Be it love, happiness, family, money, jobs, whatever, we all hope for many things. I hope for all the usual things and I’ve been so lucky in many respects, I always wanted to marry have babies and when they were older work in child care. I’m well on my way to having that and so much more. These are the big things in life, the goals at the end of long journeys I suppose. For me what makes life more fun and interesting are the smaller goals. The more personal ones, the little things we hope and aim for no matter how big or small they are. For example hoping to do well on a test at school, hoping to be able to solve a Sudoku without having to ask your husband, not that I have to do that of course. *looks shifty* There is a never ending list of things that we want, aren’t we a greedy breed?

Many of you already know that I’m a gamer, console and PC and more recently because of Big Troll’s new addiction board games too. I tend to like any types of games big or small, action or arcade, MMO or desktop. However I fell in love with one game many years ago and it became a big part of my life, more of an addiction for a long time I suppose, which isn’t something I regret at all. The game in question is “City of Heroes/Villains.”


Because of this game I have become a different person, which I’m sure will seem like a strange thing to say, especially to none gamers. City of has a lot to answer for! For instance, my living room has 2 great big canvas prints on its walls depicting some of the main characters from the games as well as a statuette of the main villain and a cape hanging from my kitchen door. My son has a god mother who, without City of, I would never have met and loved and become such good friends with. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck (some may think this crazy but I adore this one of my tattoos!) showing a symbol from the game.

arachnos tattoo

I have met (in real life and in the gaming community) so many lovely and often odd people. I have made some bloody amazing friends. We have been to a gaming convention and had our main characters drawn by the game’s amazing artists and we have even been immortalised (HA!) in the game itself!

(Click here and here to see us!)

So as you can see it has taken a big chunk of my life. And that’s just awesome! I love all the people I’ve met, and all the fun I’ve had  in the game! There is quite literally always something new for me to do, whether it’s the amazeballs character customisation or the ever increasing and improving content or simply the new people coming into the game.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I got from hopes and goals to a rambling about an MMO. For me it was rather a simple step. I want to play this game with my son. Nothing too exciting about that I know. I want him to grow up and have a million interests and to do as many different things as he likes. But I really want to play this game with him.

I met the partner of Little Troll’s God mum in City of, I got on with him like a house on fire, and then I met his son in game, and he was the sweetest boy! I can still remember the conversations and the fun I had with them both. Then on occasion he and I would go on mic to talk to each other with words rather than text, and always there was this voice in the background telling him off or taking the mick out of him. Very soon I had added the mystery voice to my MSN list and we were talking daily for long periods. She is just wonderful. She is now part of my family in my opinion. She was at my wedding, she was one of the first people to know when I was pregnant, she was one of the first to know about Little Troll being born, and she has been there (from a distance unfortunately) for every step of his life. Our friendship has become something I could never do without. So because of the lovely friendship I’ve got with her and seeing her partner and son playing and how close it keeps them and how much fun they have I want to do that with Little Troll. I want him to have the same sort of bond with me or his dad that gaming has brought to those two.

However this is one hope that is not going to come to life. It was announced on the 31st August that City of will be closing its doors (so to speak) on the 30th November 2012 for good.

I can understand if what I say next is questionable or stupid to you, again especially if you’re not a gamer or don’t have a big passion for something, but, I am quite literally heart broken. So much time (and money) invested into a game for it to be taken away without a moments notice, or so it feels. I’m sure in the Company’s opinion they’re doing the right thing, but not in mine. I want to go and get every second out of this game now that the end is nigh, but at the same time I have a feeling of resentment and therefore feel like I don’t want to go on at all. It feels so personal, how could they do this to me? And yet, of course it’s not personal, it’s just business.

What a waste.

The community of players and developers (who had no idea it was going to be closed either) are all rallying round, all showing support for the workers who are either being redeployed in other areas or are being put out of work. They are thanking and showing love for all the people who have put work into the game that has brought so much joy to all of us Heroes and Villains, I of course was a Villain more than I was ever a hero.

I am lucky in a way, I talk to a lot of people I met in game either via msn, Facebook, twitter or email. I won’t loose them which is smashing, but what we all will loose is undefinable.

Really after all my ramblings and ranting’s all I have to say is this:

Thank you to all those who worked on the game, thank you to all the community members/ players who made playing it so much fun and such a joy, thank you to the friends I’ve made during my years in the game and lastly, to the Big Business People (I imagine them in very dark suits and black sun glasses, sort of like Agent Smith in The Matrix.) you are rubbish, I don’t like you and you’re not on my Christmas card list.


Thank you for reading.



  1. Damn, I didn’t know this news!

    I love this game and have met some amazing people because of it. You and Kris especially 😀

    I know many of us linked up because of this games community which lead on to TR and then round back to CoH again. It’s a real shame to see it go, but its had a long life for an MMO with such a specialist genre.


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