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Wriggle Mk2!

August 15, 2014 by rachy

As I have just put on my crafty page, I have decided to get rid of my rachygetscrafty site and combine it with my munki one. I think having two sites was ambitious to start with but because I’m very lazy it was never going to end well. So now instead of having the sites being stand alone they are one with a bit of slash action! 

So I shall be using my normal for every day type things, including the goings on in the Troll house, gaming, Slimming world stuff, and all the other stuff that flows freely from my poor little mind. for a nice easy place to keep track of recipes, and to share them too of course. And finally for all things crafty. My promarkering, Zentagles, Button gubbins, anything that I can make or do that isn’t food will be going here. 

 You’ll now find links at the top of the website to the other areas next to “About.”

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