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August 22, 2014 by rachy

For a while now I have been going to slimming world as some of you may know. I have rather enjoyed it, it’s as not difficult as I thought it would be. They explained the in’s and outs of it, the do’s and don’t’s and none of it seemed to be too scary. It took a couple of weeks to get the hang on things but it was going well from the start. In that first week I lost 6lb, which is great, it would have got me slimmer of the week, but because they sort of expect you to loose quite a chunk in the first week they leave it until the second week to put you in for that sort of thing, which makes sense. My next loss was good too, 4.5lb so very pleased that within 3 weeks of joining I had lost 10.5lb. The next I had another 2lb off and the following week I didn’t loose anything but I did maintain my weight. So in my first month I managed a 12.5lb loss and was lucky enough to get slimmer of the month. I felt and still feel rather proud of that. 

It makes such a massive difference going to a group and sitting and talking about things, doing this with other people who are in situations similar to mine. I have done various diets before and although they’ve worked they never did much after the first month and there certainly wasn’t the support there with them for real life stuff. Being able to talk to folk online is all well and good but sometimes a real world connection is needed. The people in my group are very nice, in various stages of their weight loss goals and are so supportive of each other, it’s lovely.  In fact it’s nothing like I imagined it to be. I thought it would be daunting and people would judge you. I thought they would announce your weight at each weigh in, I thought everyone would see the dreaded numbers come up, I thought there would be a shaming type thing going on. I couldn’t have been more wrong honestly! You go in, you hand your card over and it logs you at the meeting, you pay your money over, then you go and get weighed. (And of course you come to group in light clothes and take your shoes off. I make sure that I’ve been to the loo for a 2 before group, TMI I know BUT I stick by my theory that it works!!) Once you’ve weighed, you put your piece of fruit in the bowl that is awarded to slimmer of the week at the end of the session. Then you have a sit and a natter with the people there, you look at the snacks, books, magazines and recipes that are there. The lady running the group (she’s bouncy and lovely) goes around the group and talks about how we’ve done, though she doesn’t say “Oh! You’ve put on 3lb this week!” or anything like that. She tells us how much the person has lost that week, we clap, or how much total loss is and we clap, how hard people have tried etc. We clap a lot, at first I didn’t really feel comfy with it if I’m honest. It felt silly to me, but it’s not, not at all. I understand now, you praise and celebrate all the good points, and you encourage people to keep going and keep trying. It doesn’t matter if someone has gained or had a bad week, you move on and keep going. We discuss what we could have done better, what our downfalls are and of course we don’t focus on the negative totally, we talk about what things we can use to make things easier, what we like to make or eat. The group helps each other, suggests things and supports themselves so well. (Though often conversations go off on a good tangent, which usually lead to giggles all round.) It’s a nice feeling being there. I am so glad I joined. (Another good reason to go is you get stickers and certificates! How awesome is that? As an adult where can you get STICKERS as a reward?! If I had been told years ago that I got stickers and free tea if I went to SW I would have been off down there to sign up in a flash!)

I went up to Yorkshire for 2 weeks, so I had a week off of group (though kept eating healthily, and then would arrive home in time to go to the following group. The second week of my stay was not quite as healthy as the first. But you know what? I had treat, and they felt like treats. The difference between eating junk and crap all the time and having it now and then really is that it feels like a treat and it becomes so much more enjoyable. My Thurs night dinner has become Steak, Syn-free chips, veg and I have a bottle of fruit cider throughout the evening. Then my dessert that night is a Galaxy Ripple bar. My god it feels and tastes like heaven. I don’t use many of my 15 daily Syn points. I don’t want to, so this is just world stoppingly good! I came back to weigh in expecting to have either maintained my weight (at best!) or to have gained. And after a lovely week and treaty food that would have been fine, I would have moved on and started again. However I was pleased and shocked to find I had lost 1lb. That may not be much but it was more than I thought would happen. 

Well last night was my SW weigh in night, and I wanted to loose 1/2lb which would have taken me up to a stone lost. This would have given me my second certificate to stick up on the fridge. And more stickers for the back of my book. I have had quite a good week. One thing I have discovered that works better for me is to not snack. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. All healthy, all good size portions. I haven’t felt hungry in-between my meals at all so far. In fact the only time I have got peckish when it wasn’t a meal time is on nights where I stay up until 2am. At which point I just go to bed rather than having snacks just before sleep. So I’ve been sticking to my plan this week, it’s the first week I haven’t written a food diary and I thought that I would have lost my 1/2lb. I also said that if I didn’t I would be chopping off a limb! So in we go, hand our card over. (I don’t pay at the moment as I bought 6 weeks for the price of 5.) Then it’s shoes off, deep breaths and on the scales. 

Last night I swear to you, you could have knocked me over with a (weighty) feather! I thought the scales were broken or something. I looked at the ladies gadget and thought “nah that’s not right” What I was seeing didn’t make sense. I had found it more difficult to loose my last 1.5lb toward my stone than any of the rest of it. So this was very confusing. The lady looks at me, the lady behind me in the line looks at me. I am totally confused. I had lost a whopping 8.5lb since last Thursday nights weigh-in. How is that possible? I don’t know, but it was! That’s a total loss of 1 stone 8lb. Off I go to sit down and wait for our group natter. In which I’m not only presented with my 1 stone certificate but my 1.5 stone certificate too. I felt super embarrassed and a tad proud too. It felt nice to know that doing this was making a difference to me and that other people thought I was doing well too. At the end of the group I was then presented with a Slimmer of the Week certificate and the bowl of fruit that comes as your prize. I came home to tell Big Troll who was pleased with me and for me, and Little Troll who had been allowed a late night playing on his games on my computer while I was out said that he was “Very proud of me for winning the mummy competition and he wouldn’t ever sell me.” I think you can all appreciate the weight that took off my mind, which of us don’t worry that our children wont sell us eh?

So yes! That is me feeling a little smug and a lot happy, as well as being rather hopeful that I can continue to loose weight in a nice healthy way- even if in a smaller weekly number!


Take care all! xox


  1. Judi says:

    Wow and wow again! Well done you, and can I have some of what you got to melt yourself away?
    Really pleased for you xx

  2. Teeny says:

    Hi sweetiekins

    I know I knew all about this wonderful achievement but I wanted it out there, online and recorded that I think you’re amazing. It’s hard shifting weight and sticking there what with all the massive temptations there are. You thoroughly deserve your proud and slightly smug (even though you’re not like that in any way!) moment. I totally get the sticker/certificate thing too. It’s a visual validation for all the hard work you’re putting in. I miss certificates. 😀

    As for Ben, my fab godson, he cracks me up. I’m glad he won’t be selling you but I am curious as to how much he thought he could get for you. Also, given there’s a fair chunk LESS of you now I hope he wasn’t going on a per pound kind of system. 😉

    Love you oodles and well done again hun. xxx

    • rachy says:

      Thank you my love, if he sold me by the lb he’d be getting less for me each week in theory 😉 I have depreciating value in that sense lol

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