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Catching up.

October 17, 2014 by rachy

Hello folks.

This is a bit of a catch up post I think. Went to Slimming World last night, it was our Christmas Party. Yep, in October. But it was to celebrate the publication of a book, and a deal where you can buy a huge chunk of sessions and get some free and some other things. It was also a “taster” session. Where everyone takes something in, be it bought or made. Healthy or low Syn food. Last night was wonderful. We had soups, curries, quiches, pies, Turkish delight (wonderful! I shall be trying that one soon!) lots of puddings (A rather lovely lemon one that I could have happily had private time with!) Lots and lots of variety, there were cheeses, and healthy crisps, and crackers and sooo many yummy things. My contributions were Slow Cooked shredded Chicken, which I shall write the recipe up for on when I’ve finished here. I also took Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup, and a SW recipe of Luxury Chocolate Log. All went down rather well, and as a group we were rather like vultures. It was a nice night, they really are a good bunch of ladies, and are very supportive of each other. I was saying to my friend H who I go to SW with, pre-SW, if I was to go to a place that had a buffet, I would do one walk up, fill my plate with a decent but not giant portion and that would be it. Purely for fear of being seen as “that fat woman’s going back for more” or anything else judgemental. And it is true, people do judge, make jokes etc and its flaming hurtful, even if we make a joke of it when it’s over heard or if we act like it doesn’t matter. It does. Last night was a revelation, I think everyone went back to the table 2 or 3 times, I certainly did. And it wasn’t being greedy either, people took small amounts of everything they wanted to try, everyone was fed then people went up and got more, again in small portions. There was no judgement at all about people going back and forth. It was just nice, and makes for a nice atmosphere and a very fun evening. (I still find it surprising that A) SW has been a rather easy transition and B) I enjoy going to the group so much.) 

So for my weigh in last night I had lost 3.5lb, which is great, it would be a little better if over the last month I hadn’t been a bit up and down in my weight loss. However, I feel I’m back on track now and hopefully by Christmas I will have lost another stone and be in a smaller size of clothes. We had to fill in a little wish thing last night, and being in smaller clothes was mine, so I’m hoping that putting it on here doesn’t cancel the wish out! 

Little Troll (LT) has had a few ups and downs this last few weeks, I quip that I don’t think he will ever manage a full week in school, then the school call me and tell me he’s poorly and will I please go and fetch him. I really should know not to jinx myself! So he currently has a virus, a temp, rash, sickness etc. Nothing too dramatic, but enough to be a bit of a worry and to make him be snuggled up under a blanket with tea and cartoons. I got two phone-calls from school last Friday, firstly LT had been hit in the head with a piece of Lego and it had cut his head, and then a few minutes later another to say that at lunch time he had trapped his fingers in a door. Eeee (Yorkshire style, not an excited noise.) That poor lad! He really does take after his parents, poor little bugger! We have school photos coming up on the 23rd of this month, I just pray that he gets rid of the rash and cut and has nothing else to show on his face for that week, then he can do as he likes lol.

I’m trying to think of anything else that I might have to say, but after a rather unsettled night my brain feels a bit like mush. Oh! We finally caught up watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Was really good and looking forward to it coming back hopefully sooner rather than later, I also hope Penny Dreadful comes back soon I really enjoyed that one.

We have of course got the dreaded C coming up. For which I have bought our train tickets and got things for just about all the children in the family and friends and just have the adults pressies to get. It’s always so expensive even with good deals.  We shall be off to the Panto at the end of this month to watch Pinocchio with LT, H and her little boy which should be fun. And then for Halloween we’re going to H’s house, the boys will dress up and give out sweets at the door, we shall have yummy food, which of course will be mostly SW friendly, though I do intend to take a bottle of wine with me. And the boys will have lots of activities to do that I’m planning including my all time fave of apple bobbing I hope. I intend to make the food spooking and have found some Mocktails that I can make for the boys (and us) that are spooky, though I need to get some syringes for those hehe.

Right that’s about all I can think of. Take care all. Oh and go check out my Grub’s Up page, I shall add a couple more recipes now. If you’ve got any recipes you want me to try and to write up after then please feel free to give me a shout, since most of my readers are on my twitter or fb you can easily message me there but for anyone who doesn’t have me there email the recipe to

Take care all.


  1. Bex says:

    Can’t wait to see the recipes. I think if I cook more I’ll be distracted that I don’t know anyone here 🙂

    • rachy says:

      For quite a while I only knew Welshtroll when I moved to Wales, it gets easier and I got braver when going out to find my way around. Though I did end up getting taxis home a couple of times because I got lost. I’m currently putting some more healthy recipes on there, if you like soup, try the roast pepper one I’ve just put up, I’m not a spice/heat fan and REALLY enjoyed it.

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