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Best intentions

March 7, 2015 by rachy

I intended to write a new post the other day, but wanted to do it while watching the telly in the living room. So I went to get my laptop out of my bedroom, and it wasn’t there. I spent the next two weeks looking every where I could think of and some random places suggested by Welshtroll and LT (No LT it wasn’t in the litter tray or toilet.) I was at giving up point when it was discovered… in my bedroom. /le sigh.

However it was doomed, it had obviously been bashed badly at some point over the last couple of months, I suspect LT trod on it on one of his many 6am visits to my room. I know, my own fault for having it on the floor near the bed, but I thought it would be safe. Even after charging it wouldn’t live. So rather sadly it’s been laid to rest. And I am a very lucky girl because Welshtroll has bought me a snazzy Chromebook. It’s lovely, it’s quiet, fast and has all the right buttons! I have the biggest urge to make a filthy joke there, but I shall resist… for now!

So this is a nice snazzy thing! It’s very easy to use, well so far it is, but I’ve only checked google, facebook and my blog since getting it. I haven’t tried adding anything yet either, it looks a bit daunting, so I’m pretending that I won’t need to at all. 

Today has been a quite relaxing day, Welshtroll went for his driving lessons this morning and we booked his theory test. LT and I watched some Doctor Who and then he took over my PC and I have barely seen him since. WT & LT are still hours later sitting playing varying games on the PC’s. I’ve watched a film and now I’m sitting watching Dinnerladies. I will never stop finding this funny, the number of times we quote it is ridiculous! I’ve got a cottage pie going into the oven shortly and a hot cup of tea next to me. All is good in the Troll house!

I shall hopefully get to writing the two posts I had been planning pre-laptopmageddon. Until then, have a nice day and thanks for reading! And! A big thank you to my lovely Troll for my pressy!

 *Update* Welshtroll has since done and passed his Theory test and is building up to doing his Practical test.

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