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April 12, 2015 by rachy

Recently I have been watching a vast array of different movies. Some off my watchlist, some randoms and some that have been recommended by friends. I’ve seen some utter rubbish and some really awesome stuff too. So here I am nattering about them.

So the first one I will talk about is “Monkey Bone.” By god, that was hard work. It was odd, it was surreal (as it was meant to be.) And I just don’t know what to say about it really. I didn’t like it. The idea was good, it was funny and it wasn’t badly made. But it wasn’t to my taste.It actually made me uncomfy more than anything. I don’t really have a good thing to say about it. But I wouldn’t suggest it to any one and I wouldn’t watch it again.

I also watched “In your eyes.” Which was suggested by my friend AG. She seems to have good taste in films and shows, I haven’t been let down by anything she’s said to have a go at. So this one was a young lass who can see through the eyes of this guy and he can see through hers. They can hear each other too but they’re at different ends of the country (may have been different countries but I can’t remember.) He’s a really clever guy but has been brought up trashy trailer park style and she’s a nice girl but is mousey and somewhat oppressed/ bullied by her partner. Ohhh I wanted to hit him!! It was good in my opinion.

I watched “Not another happy ending” Karen G****** in from Dr Who and Gaurdians of the Galaxy. It was a little different and was very fun. I liked the 2 main characters and the one that was a main-side character which is a bloke out of the Shield series. (He plays Fitz or Williams. The bloke. Not sure which.) A story about a lady who write, is rejected by all barring one publisher who is french and grumpy and rather tasty. Things happen, she gets an award, gets a new bloke, gets writers block, grumpy french man tries to fix that but in the wrong way. It was a bit of a different film, a little bit deep but also had funny bits. I would suggest it to most.


“In my dreams” is next. Woman runs family restaurant after mother dies, isn’t totally happy, restaurant isn’t busy. Gets new chef, makes wish in a fountain, i think it was for true love. Bloke who is an architect working for a crappy company with a crappy boss wants to go out on his own, makes a with in the fountain with his mother and sister and nieces who are nagging him to get a mrs. So they go to bed (their own) and meet in their dreams and don’t realise they’re real people, next night the same. Next day the blokes cheating ex gf turns up and distracts him blah blah. Any way without telling you what happens fully, there’s happy, sad and dramatic hunting and of course a happy ending. Which I do like, I am a sucker for happy endings.

Have you ever had things in your life go so wrong and so badly that you just want to end it all? Pierce Brosnan has! Or at least his character in “A long way down” has. So, bloke goes to a tall roof top to chuck himself off it, along comes another woman with the same idea, ruins misters suicide, he offers to come back 20 mins later. Very polite of him, ladies first and all. Then drunken young lass comes up and then an american chap. It’s rush hour! So they all decide to do it another night and head their own way. They end up bumping into each other again the same night (new years) and in the end make an agreement to not top themselves until Valentines day. Things happen, the press find out, drama ensues. It sounds like a really depressing film, and it has got deep moments, and you look at each persons view. But it’s also very funny and very sweet. I would say give it a go, but make sure you’re in a good mood to start with!

Next is “The single Moms Club.” It was ok. It wasn’t a deep film but it had a nice ending. It’s not the best film ever but then I don’t think I would have expected that. The story is ok, the cast is nice and its well made. It annoys me that its called the single moms club but they all end up with partners. Sorry if this spoils things for you folks who were just raring to watch this one. But honestly it just bugged me, it felt rushed if nothing else. But if you’ve got a spare couple of hours and don’t want a deep film go for this one.

“Thor” NOM NOM NOM! That is all.

I tried the series “Getting on.” I just couldn’t do it. It annoyed me. I didn’t find it funny, I didn’t find it clever. It made me uncomfy and I turned it off 3/4 of the way into the first episode. The characters were all they types of people who in real life would just drive me mad and who I would come home and rant to Welshtroll about. I can’t recommend this one, simply because I couldn’t make it full one episode. I generally can read or watch anything and get some sort of enjoyment out of it. But not with this one. Oh even thinking about 2 of the characters a couple of weeks later makes me get annoyed. Don’t do it unless you have morbid curiosity.

Little Troll and I watch Dr who a lot. We have worked our way through 3 of the newer Doctors up to but not including Peter. (I feel the newer series are a little too intense for LT.) I have always watched it with him and censored it where it needs it but for the most part he enjoys it all. We just finished Matt Smith and LT chose to go back to the start of David Tennant. Which I didn’t object to because I find the ending of Christopher very teary! The unfortunate result of watching Dr Who is that LT now relates everything to it. We eat this food because that alien did, we go here because that’s what this baddie did. It’s not annoying at all…. no really grr.

We watched Disneys “Secret of the wings.” (Tinkerbell.) Oh dear it made me cry! It was very sweet and fun, i think that LT liked it but I suspect I watched more of it than he did. Was nice if you like sweet happy endings and disney of course. I followed this up by watching Disney’s Hercules. It’s just a fun retelling of the myth/legend. And dammit it has catchy songs in it! *Starts humming one song.*

Oh oh oh!! North and South. Richard Armitage. Ohhhh scuse me a minute I’m having a flush! That man is delicious. Just wonderful! Better than bacon! A mini series about a family who move from Darn Sowf to Oop North. The father is the only one who knows why they’re moving, they find it very harsh up North compared to their home and come across poor and hard people. They of course have a family secret and need to protect it. And Richard Armitage is in it as the honest, hard working (delicious) Yorkshire man. Ohhh I wish i could have him! /sigh. A-hem anyway! It’s awesome and is another re-watch for me. I don’t think it will be the last time I watch it. It’s just good!

Slipping back to Disney I showed LT The hunchback of Notre Dame. He wasn’t right bothered about this one, and I can see why. As much as it’s good I dont really think its in the same style as your usual Disneys and I can see why it wouldn’t have gripped him. But again I enjoyed it. There’s a theme building here lol I like films too easily I think.

Oz the Great and Powerful. I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It was clever and fun and looking at the story from a totally different angle. I liked all the characters and the ideas in it. Oh and Jen from Dawsons Creek was in it. It just felt nicely done. I would def give it a re-watch.

Written 23/3/2015

Since writing the above post I have watched a handful of other films. I have re-watched lots of the Hero movies, Iron Man, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy etc which thoroughly entertained me. We’re currently re-watching Dinnerladies, which I can tell you honestly has never lost a dot of its entertainment value! Every time we watch it I laugh, and of course cry at all the sad bits.

Welshtroll has introduced me to Archer, which is wonderful and awful all at once. Not far into that but I do intend to watch more. My poor brain will be warped. I started watching “The Returned” but needed to wait for a few more episodes to get to Netflix so that I could binge on them. Apparently a re-make of a French show/film. Very good so far. 

I’m also starting again with Once Upon a Time. Really enjoyed that when it was on the TV, but got left behind, so now I shall work my way though it once more. When it started it and Grimm were on at the same time and I could only do one story book type show at a time so Grimm lost out. Since then I have started watching that too and am about to start on the third series before watching the 4th which I’ve recorded on Sky. 

Today we are watching lots of Curious George thanks to LT. I have taken the easy route and am reading while he watches that and plays.

Have a good Sunday!


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