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January 13, 2016 by rachy


Thanks for coming for a look. We’ve been talking about taking part in something like this for a long time, and this is the first time it will work out well for us doing it. So, have a read please, be generous where you can and have a great night! Thanks folks.

This is my teams page

Next month Myself, Kris and some other friends will be taking part in Gameblast16, which is the UK’s largest charity gaming event. For it I will be gaming for 24 hours on varying games and platforms. I will stream some of it so you can watch the excitement yourself wink emoticon I will be gaming solo and as a member of an awesome team on all manner of games.

The charity behind this is SpecialEffect they are awesome folks who raise money to adapt technology to allow people with physical disabilities to enjoy video games. They have done some truly amazing things, please check them out and spare what cash you can to sponsor my team mates and I.

You can learn more about the event in this video:

Please sponsor us if you can, this is a charity that I really care about and would like to help them as much as possible. We met them a few years ago and got to see first hand some of the things they get up to and it honestly was amazing.


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  1. MK says:


    Get Kris to slap up a link on the Luna site.


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