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August 14, 2016 by rachy

So instead of having a weekend away or making exciting summer holiday plans we decided to do….DIY! That’s what people do for fun right? And actually for the first time in a long time we didn’t end up trying to kill each other during the process. Flat pack is evil and makes up want to do harm to each other and the world! So we got some bits done that we keep intending to do and never do. Curtain poles and curtains and nets are up. Monitors are mounted on the walls and our room and landing has a huge smell of gloss overwhelming our house. This week LT and I will get on with decorating my room. Then a million other little bits hopefully.

Am still trying get used to streaming and will start streaming the crafty things too soon. Feeling like I’m talking to myself is a bit odd, though having a 6 year old you’d think I’d be used to it by now! Our friend DD has just bought ESO, so today we have started playing that through with her. We have had it since it was in Beta and have throughly enjoyed the game. I wasn’t and still am not really happy about the changes that were put into the game. I spent a long time building my main character and getting her skills and points spent how I wanted them only have to go back and re-do  it. However, today were fresh brand new character, I have an Orc call Lorki Spudweiser who is a mean, lean hitting machine. Well that’s the theory. She’s not doing badly so far. We’re currently taking a break but will carry on tonight when LT is in bed and we’re all fed. (Pulled pork wraps here. The pork smells divine and you can find the recipe for it over on my food page linked at the top.) 

I was super proud of BT this week as he’s been trying his best to stick to a healthy diet and more exercise, and it has without doubt paid off with a 6lb loss in a week, mine was rather smaller with just half a pound. Next week will be better! And it’s all going in the right direction. I think I am finally back on the SW wagon with a couple of syn related wobbles here and there and its quite a refreshing place to be!

Now its time for hot tea, dinner and relaxation. LT is watching Zootropolis, BT is blogging and watching streams and I am contemplating deep and meaningful matters. (Whether I can be bothered to get up to make more tea.) Think we’re going to watch a film in a bit but not sure which, any suggestions of good ones folks? Old or new!

Take care and have a nice evening!


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