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September 12, 2016 by rachy

I didn’t manage to do much blogging during Blaugust. I had good intentions as ever, but in the middle of the summer holidays it was more than a little difficult. We have however had a nice summer. LT finds time off school difficult, the lack of routine does not agree with him, so we try to structure our time, but there’s only so much of that we can do. LT wants to go out and do fun things but also doesn’t want to leave the house. He wants to do all the things that the other kids are doing, but then you get there and he either doesn’t like it or can’t cope with it. Makes life a little difficult. That being said the things we did were mostly successful. Right at the beginning of the holidays we went with H and J to our local community farm, we had tractor rides, played in the play ground. Fed cows, sheep, goats, chickens, donkeys all sorts. There were lots of pigs and piglets, which you’re not allowed to feed, the piglets because they were still milk-fed. The big ones because they’re bitey things! My faves are the cows, they’re just so cute and lovely, and they are sloppy. Their tongues should freak me out and yet they don’t one bit, they’re too lovely!! The kids had story time, they spent time in the petting area with chickens and guinea pigs. The best part was the pig racing. Always really funny, who doesn’t love cheering on some awesome porkers?! Watching the great members of staff trying to corral the pigs into doing what they want them to do is maybe more entertaining than the race itself. 

We had a few more days out we’ve had during the summer. Most of them went really well. The best couple of weeks however were right at the end of the holidays. We drove up to see Em and Sal for a few days and went to the Harry Potter world  place in Watford. It was awesome, the staff were great from the off! We picked up the tickets, and were asked if we needed a guide for LT, do we need a million other things. If things got too much tell the staff, if you need help through the crowds etc just speak to staff and they were super happy to help. As it happens LT coped really well with just about everything. He had one small mini melt down before we went in, but honestly I think that was more to do with the build up of the activity than anything else because once we were in the line to go in he thought it was wonderful. He didn’t know what to expect and enjoyed the first 2 areas but wasn’t so keen at first when we went into the museum part. When he found out he could interact with things, things were much easier. Needless to say it was a fantastic if exhausting day out. The travel there and back was the worst part, not just because we got a little lost en route! Oops! We said a very sad goodbye to them and off we went “Home.” It was a bit of a weird day all in all. We hadn’t seen Sal and Em in a long while, and it was so great to spend time with them and although I speak to Em most nights it made us miss them tonnes! So much so that I’ve now booked a holiday that we’re all going to go on next year. Eek!! 


My mischief mug and my awesome Sirius mug, a birthday gift from Em and Sal! Thank you!

img_9090 img_9088 img_9049


When I say we were headed “Home” it wasn’t a lie. It was the home a grew up in. We took LT up to my mum and dads supposedly for a few days. We started off by getting lost and going about an hour out of our way. When we finally got up to the village mum and dad live in we popped to a shop at which point LT was like “Oh! I know this shop! I think Grandma and Grandad are going to meet us here!” To which I could honestly say “Nope! They aren’t, sorry LT!” Then we had to pop to the supermarket, where I was a little mean. LT knew it was the one near G’ma and G’dads house, but I told him we were just stopping for a couple of things and this just happened to be on our way home. Of course that wasn’t true. On the main road my mum called me, LT was talking to her on speaker phone and he couldn’t decide what was happening. Then we arrive and he is jubilant! He thinks we’ve come to visit for just the day and asks if we could stay the night to which I say ok of course. And then he was like “I wish we could stay longer. ” So when I told him “How about 5 days?” I thought his head was going to pop off his shoulders. He was so happy. 


We have a habit we have to feed!

It was a strange first day there. Mum and Dad were off out with my sister and her chap not long after we arrived. And Welshtroll wasn’t staying with us, he was just dropping us off and heading back to Wales and we were going to get the train back on Wednesday. (We arrived on Saturday.) So I dash about emptying the case and stripping back all our stuff so that I have a minimal wardrobe for LT and myself. Making sure we just have the basics only. We have lunch with WT, he gives us love and hugs and then he’s off on his way. Thankfully he had a good drive home and had a couple of days relaxing in a quiet house before going back to work. In theory he was going to pick us up from the Station on Wednesday afternoon. However, during his journey home he offered to pick us up the following Saturday instead of using our train tickets (Which thankfully hadn’t been expensive.) I kinda wish that we’d had that talk before he set off so that I didn’t have to continually wash our clothes during the week, however it was great! Saturday night when G’ma and G’dad got home, LT had a snuggle and relax with them. And slept really well that night. It’s always fun sharing a bed with that child. He sleeps across the bed and is such a hot beastie. Sunday we went out to a craft fayre at a local park with my sister, which wasn’t the best in the world but we all got glitter tattoos and I bought a black pudding scotch egg, which I can tell you was blissful!


Bank holiday Monday we had a big family day at Mums house. So my sister came, my brother, his fiancée, their daughter. Then my mums cousin, husband, their daughter and the daughters son came, which pretty much for us is Aunty, Cousin and LT’s Cousin. Then we had the wonderful Lady J arrive, she has been in our life for forever and is one of the most wonderful people there are out there. Then mum and dad new neighbour came round for a little while. It was a really lovely day. Lots of great food, lots of lovely conversation. The kids were in and out of the big paddling pool or in the tent and mostly had a great time. LT did really well at when things got too much for him, he took himself off for a little quiet time and when he was feeling better he came back out to play. Thankfully his cousin knows what he’s like and accepts him for how he is. 

I think Tuesday was a pretty quiet day, though that may have been the day that we went to another park, which was a less than successful visit in some ways. LT didn’t like how busy it was, (and neither did we, but its a great park in the middle of the summer hols on a sunny day!) He decided that he wanted to try a big climbing frame that led to a couple of slides. However when he got across the frame he couldn’t climb up to the big slide, we had warned him that might be the case. So he was going to go on the lower one. But couldn’t climb down. Hmphh! My sister went and looked to see if she could get up and it was too high, so that meant one thing! I was going up. I went up the first level (it really was higher than I thought, and I was super proud to get up it, especially in the midst of lots of other playing kids.) I’m not surprised that he couldn’t get up or down, it was hard for me at my height, for him nye on impossible. So I have to go up to the next level, I help him down and pop him on the slide. He goes down, and legs it. My sister who is holding our bags has to give chase and I’ve got to get down. I did consider the slide but 2 girls started to climb up it so I didn’t get that bit of fun! I climbed back down, held my boobs and ran after them both. The climbing frame wasn’t the best idea. So after my sister and LT were calmed, we took him down to the splash area, thankfully we brought goggles and he already had swim shorts on. Off he went to play, my sister went for a wander, I don’t blame her at all it was super busy in there and I was getting splashed a lot! After that we went back to my mums and then out for steak night at Wetherspoons. Which of course it means it must have been Tuesday cos that’s steak day at Spoons! 

Wednesday was the day to go home…So we took LT for a surprise visit to Whitby. I love that place, and so did LT. He loved the stories of the town, loved the market stalls, loved walking up the 8 million steps, the church, the Abbey, he loved everything. It was a long and lovely day out. The funniest part was the seagull who stole a big piece of fish out of LTs fingers, LT was cross and found it funny and thankfully wasn’t hurt. They have sharp beaks! We went to the arcades and played the 2p waterfall type machines. LT won 5 prizes all together, well I won 2, mum won 1 and LT won 2.  All in all it was just a lovely day. I hadn’t been there for a long time, so really enjoyed the day. The next day we spent at home and just relaxed (I think that was Thursday.) Friday was another quiet one before we came home with WT on Saturday. We went to the butcher’s shop and grabbed a load of meat to fill my freezer before heading home. (I had freezer blocks ready and WT brought cool bags! We like to think ahead lol.) 



Finding this for sale in the Church in Whitby really entertained me.imag0506  imag0495

*Quick edit* If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, Whitby is just one big Pokestop! (Not sure Mary Shelly or anyone else considered that when writing their great workds! 😉 Honestly there are hundreds of stops there!!

At the beginning of the summer my mum had an operation on her spine, so seeing her was really good. during the visit she had a still back and was taking it easy, however that all seems to have gone really well and she’s healing well. My dad hurt his back while we were there, I hurt my knee. It was a very good week for being hurty! 

Now we are into our second week in school. LT settled in really well and got great feedback. He was just so happy at school barring one small incident. He was happy going in and coming home and that carried over onto the weekend. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the school year. WT and I are back on the wagon as far as Slimming world is concerned. WT has been doing really well with that and has already lost a huge chuck of weight in quite a short time. I am really proud of him.

At the moment we are working our way through sorting the house out. I’m hoping that we can get more and more cleared out and sort the house for selling, that is of course if we can find a house we all love!

Right have a great week folks and I shall be back at some point! Thanks for reading.

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