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September 11, 2019 by rachy

Day two of HS! Still haven’t lost our rag with each other. Two days is a long time sometimes. But today has been another good day. LT wasn’t very well this morning and had he still been in mainstream school still he would have either not gone in and been sent home or gone in and not had a productive day at all, or worse I could have kept him off and we would have both had a not very good day. Where as because we are at home, we are able to work but at a slower pace, and if he needs to take a break or rest we can. 

So today we did a lot of work on number and letter formation and looked at multiplying with decimal points. I love how clever he can be and how quickly he can pick things up. It gives me a thrill when I ask him a question and I don’t expect an answer or at least not the correct one only to find that he knows and is able to explain it to me in detail. It’s great! What could have been a very unproductive day turned into a relaxed day of learning. In the afternoon we started our book, one of my faves that I read when I was in year 5 of the juniors (Which is where LT would be if he were in mainstream now.) The book is “Carrie’s War” written by Nina Bawden. And the copy we are reading is one I bought at the summer fayre at my J&I school many years ago for 50p. It’s last stamp from the school library was from 1980. It’s a lovely version of the book with a deep red cover and slightly yellowed pages. It brings back such lovely memories for me. 


Carrie’s war is the story of a mother going back to Wales decades after having been an evacuee sent there during WW2. It tells of her life and adventures and is full of heart felt relationships and mystery. I honestly just love this one. So this is the book we will be reading “in class.” LT enjoyed the first chapter an answered some questions in his writing book about it afterwards, and I even managed to tie it in with one of his fave chars from another book, Paddington the Bear, who of course was given a “Please look after this bear” tag when he was sent to London.  I look forward to more chapters with him.


Day three. Today is “Stitch and Bitch” day. I made a deal with LT that if he worked hard in the morning and got all the work done that I had set him in his books that he could have lunch at the a local cafe that he loves. And so while myself and the other “Bitches” sewed poppies that we have crocheted or knitted onto a giant camo net ready for poppy day in November, he got on with his work. He got it all done with half an hour to spare and had do it well. I was dead pleased with him and he was pleased with himself. It’s so nice to see him enjoying doing work and not being stressed and anxious. It may only be day three but it still feels like we made the right decision for him.


We are at home now and I have been through is books and “marked” his work and it’s dead good stuff. He needs to put work into certain areas that have lapsed over the years but it’s good quality work. 


Tomorrow we have SW first thing and then home before I take LT for a hair cut. Hair cuts are still a drama for him, he hates them, but he will let one lady do it begrudgingly. He’s going to do some work in the morning while I do the till at SW and then we’re going to have a walk to get a little gentle exercise. Before we go for his haircut. Then in the afternoon we’re going to look further at Carrie’s War before we start out topic, which he still doesn’t know what it is. It’s all new but exciting and very fun. We’re also going to squeeze in some lessons of Italian language tomorrow too which I am very much looking forward to.


I have decided that we are going to turn our holidays to Bluestone into educational holidays. Where he can make and do in the woods and do soooo many activities that we’ll be exhausted. He loves it there so much and we can’t wait!


See you around!

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