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A full month?!

October 5, 2019 by rachy

We are not beyond a month into our home school journey. It’s been eye opening. And for the most part in a good way. LT and I are enjoying our topics that we work on together and he’s enjoying the freedom home school gives him.  We are gradually getting into a good rhythm with home school and it’s refreshing.


So far we have had day trips, shopping trips where he’s had a clip board to note down costs of things, we’ve read books, coloured, crafted and generally tried our hands at a lot of things.

The difference in LT is amazing. His anxiety is WAY low and it’s wonderful.


I haven’t really got a big HS update for you. There’s been no miraculous thing happened. It’s just going well. One thing we have noticed is that LT’s handwriting is improving which is fantastic.


We’ve got a lot of hosp and docs apts at the moment for LT. Some physio ones and some others. Were he in school that would just mean he was out of action and absent for the day. But not with HS!


Randomly I signed up for a Savvy Circle test for a Flash mop. And I got in! So we shall see how sparkly and nice my floors are in the coming weeks!

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