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Bluestone Travels soon!

October 10, 2019 by rachy

In a few weeks we’re off to Bluestone Wales again for a few days and I can’t wait. It’s the best place in the world for our family. We have tried holidays abroad and in the UK and there’s only one place that we have found that really suits us. LT is just so happy and comfy there and that just makes a massive difference to us. His autism isn’t ever an issue when we’re there as the staff will try to accommodate him/us in all ways possible, from them warning us where the sounds, effects and people will come from during the dinner shows to sitting and talking to him, on end, about which ever topic he is currently waxing lyrical on. 

We have gotten our packing down to an art…. sort of abstract and messy! Every time we go, we pack too much and have an awesome game of car tetris before we go. I always try not to pack so much but it’s rare that we don’t use the stuff we bring. It’s like having home away from home with the right level of comfort. 


One thing I like about going to Bluestone is that even though there is wifi, we don’t use it much. For a family of gamers and an adult who uses social media far too much, the basic wifi gives a good break from screen time and social stuff. Which is great, I have a love hate relationship with social media, it’s like car crash telly, you can’t look away but you know you should. The break I get from it there gives me a wonderful mental health break.


Since starting home schooling we’ve done learning in many different way. This time Bluestone is going to be an educational holiday. We’ve booked in lots of activities for LT to do, mostly Christmas themed ones. We love the dinner and shows they put on and since they built the new Seren Dome we are going to get to enjoy a show there too this time. We’ve got a golf cart booked too which is always fun. We will be taking some of our school things with us and will be looking at some nature studies things too while we’re there, down in the woods etc. There’s also awesome things down there in different areas that have bug hotels, plus an enormous lake with lots of ducks who, given the chance will come into your lodge. Then, there’s the squirrels. They are amazing. They will come right up to you, especially if you’ve got some healthy snacks for them! (Which I double checked was ok to do!)


We get a whole lot more exercise when we go there too, we walk for miles through the woods and around the grounds. We swim most days, since people staying at Bluestone get sole use of the Blue Lagoon pool from something like 9:30-12:00 before the public can come in, and we take the time to play outdoor games like Boule and badminton. Last time there was a wonderful breeze so we flew a kite behind our lodge several times which was fantastic.


I think one of the best past of Bluestone is the staff. From booking to enquiries to the ladies and gents working within the grounds doing one of the many MANY jobs, everyone is so lovely. Nothing is too much trouble and the people who talk to you are never anything but professional, lovely and kind. 


All in all, we can’t wait to go. And Bluestone do something mean, when it gets to 6 weeks before they start messaging you saying “Plan your stay!” Dude! I’ve had my stay planned since day one. If I had my way we would already be packed. And in the coming weeks I am going to get SO bouncy. Poor WT has a lot to deal with on the journey there too because the closer we get and the more signs we see the bouncier and more excited I become…. oh and LT is excited too of course. hehe. 


So, we’re off on our hols in the not too distant future. And we are very ready for it!

(This is not a sponsored post, we  just love it there!)

Ohhh Ohhh! And! If you sign up for their news letter they will let you know when their “early bird” special happens, where you can get 20% off your 3/4 night stays. Plus they show you all sorts of interesting things on their face book page! Go check them out if you want a relaxing, exciting, wonderful holiday. (They do couples hols and family ones, plus they have a spa!!!)

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