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Hello there. Nice to see you! 

Welcome to my site. I’m Rachy. 

I decided to write a brand new blog about nothing in particular. I expect it’ll end up being about my day-to-day pottering abouts, and my son.

Quick info about me:

My name is Rachel and I’m now officially late 20’s. I Live in Wales with my husband (Big-, Hubby-, Daddy-Troll) and our four-year old boy (Little Troll.) Though I’m originally from South Yorkshire. Big Troll works while I am the minion of Little Troll on a daily basis.  I am very much into crafts of lots of different kinds and reading a lot, of any type of book. (Though I admit I love chick-lit!) 

My son has a habit of getting himself into scrapes and trouble so no doubt I will write a fair old bit about those, as well as day-to-day rants and brain farts.  I drink heavily…. I drink at least 10 pints a day… of tea! I drink tea by the gallon and have an unholy love for Bacon and all things pork related!

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. I’m not very interesting but I quite like me! 

Have a good day/night/evening/morning.

*delete as appropriate*


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