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  1. Bluestone Travels soon!

    October 10, 2019 by rachy

    In a few weeks we’re off to Bluestone Wales again for a few days and I can’t wait. It’s the best place in the world for our family. We have tried holidays abroad and in the UK and there’s only one place that we have found that really suits us. LT is just so happy and comfy there and that just makes a massive difference to us. His autism isn’t ever an issue when we’re there as the staff will try to accommodate him/us in all ways possible, from them warning us where the sounds, effects and people will come from during the dinner shows to sitting and talking to him, on end, about which ever topic he is currently waxing lyrical on. 

    We have gotten our packing down to an art…. sort of abstract and messy! Every time we go, we pack too much and have an awesome game of car tetris before we go. I always try not to pack so much but it’s rare that we don’t use the stuff we bring. It’s like having home away from home with the right level of comfort. 


    One thing I like about going to Bluestone is that even though there is wifi, we don’t use it much. For a family of gamers and an adult who uses social media far too much, the basic wifi gives a good break from screen time and social stuff. Which is great, I have a love hate relationship with social media, it’s like car crash telly, you can’t look away but you know you should. The break I get from it there gives me a wonderful mental health break.


    Since starting home schooling we’ve done learning in many different way. This time Bluestone is going to be an educational holiday. We’ve booked in lots of activities for LT to do, mostly Christmas themed ones. We love the dinner and shows they put on and since they built the new Seren Dome we are going to get to enjoy a show there too this time. We’ve got a golf cart booked too which is always fun. We will be taking some of our school things with us and will be looking at some nature studies things too while we’re there, down in the woods etc. There’s also awesome things down there in different areas that have bug hotels, plus an enormous lake with lots of ducks who, given the chance will come into your lodge. Then, there’s the squirrels. They are amazing. They will come right up to you, especially if you’ve got some healthy snacks for them! (Which I double checked was ok to do!)


    We get a whole lot more exercise when we go there too, we walk for miles through the woods and around the grounds. We swim most days, since people staying at Bluestone get sole use of the Blue Lagoon pool from something like 9:30-12:00 before the public can come in, and we take the time to play outdoor games like Boule and badminton. Last time there was a wonderful breeze so we flew a kite behind our lodge several times which was fantastic.


    I think one of the best past of Bluestone is the staff. From booking to enquiries to the ladies and gents working within the grounds doing one of the many MANY jobs, everyone is so lovely. Nothing is too much trouble and the people who talk to you are never anything but professional, lovely and kind. 


    All in all, we can’t wait to go. And Bluestone do something mean, when it gets to 6 weeks before they start messaging you saying “Plan your stay!” Dude! I’ve had my stay planned since day one. If I had my way we would already be packed. And in the coming weeks I am going to get SO bouncy. Poor WT has a lot to deal with on the journey there too because the closer we get and the more signs we see the bouncier and more excited I become…. oh and LT is excited too of course. hehe. 


    So, we’re off on our hols in the not too distant future. And we are very ready for it!

    (This is not a sponsored post, we  just love it there!)

    Ohhh Ohhh! And! If you sign up for their news letter they will let you know when their “early bird” special happens, where you can get 20% off your 3/4 night stays. Plus they show you all sorts of interesting things on their face book page! Go check them out if you want a relaxing, exciting, wonderful holiday. (They do couples hols and family ones, plus they have a spa!!!)

  2. Bridlington.

    August 18, 2014 by rachy

    We went for a day out to Brid while I was up North. Which was lovely! It was a bright day, we parked at Sewerby Hall and walked over the cliff towards the town. It was a bight, sunny and very breezy walk! Down at the town Little Troll and my mum walked along the beach, stopping every five steps because he was digging for buried treasure or shooting cannon balls at the pirates he could see in the distance. Luckily after a good half hour of this walking and not much distance covered it started to spit with rain and so my lovely boy was persuaded off of the beach onto dry land to get his jogger bottoms on. I don’t think I’ve ever been pleased to see rain at the seaside, however this one only lasted a few minutes and so by the time we were ready to head off again it had stopped and was brightening up again. So off we went in the direction of a chippy/restaurant that my mum and dad like. We had my sister and her dog, Kitty with us and are gradually wending our way in the right direction, though we’re still stopping every 30 yards because Little Troll has seen something he likes the look of. (Most noteably a play place that looks like the back end of a pirate ship.) We got there eventually, my sister and her pooch go and eat their fish and chips on the sea front, while LT, mum, dad and me go inside and sit down to eat. It was lovely! Huge portions, crispy batter, Big thick chips (which were lovely but I like the little ones 😉 ) and best of all mushy peas! Not only was lunch lovely, but in the restaurant as we went in was one of my oldest, loveliest friends! I hadn’t seen her for years, and I can’t tell you how much it made me smile. Such a lovely lady, I don’t get to see my Yorkshire friends very often, so it was doubly lovely. However I like the fact that I travel from Wales to South Yorkshire, head an hour and a half to Brid and still manage to see someone I know. That’s my dads skill, he can travel to the most remote corner of the world and still find someone he knows.  On the picture closer up on the boat, we are at the front, LT in a green coat and me in big sunglasses (near a man in dark blue.)


    After lunch we walked along the front for a few minutes, before we see the “Pirate Ship.” It’s £2 for adults and £1 for children for a 10minute ride. So I figure it will be nice and peaceful and fun for LT. Off we go, lined up, sitting on the ship right at the front and off we go. Well let me tell you! That was not as much fun as it could have been. I never minded fayre ground rides or anything like that, but apparently I’m not too happy about being on a ship that competes with a speed boat. It actually was fun, LT loved it. Though he held onto me for dear life with one hand and waved his pirate flag with the other. And he was very excited to see the Pirate ship building we walked by earlier, because it wasn’t enough to be on a ship eh?! I don’t know if I would do it again, I know it wasn’t exactly white knuckle (for most!) but going in and our of the harbour and going over the waves created by the speed boat was VERY bouncy and made us bump about a lot. I feel I may be getting old if I can’t cope with that! Hopefully my mum is in the process of sending us some pictures, I didn’t take any… because I was on the boat.

    So after that we went through the games on the prom and LT did hook a duck and won the worlds most badly made blue swirly pig/dog toy that moulted so much that I’ve had to shave his trousers. 😉 Followed by calling at an ice cream shop, when LT had a cone with Blue ice cream with marshmallows and enough E numbers to power a very energetic child for a few hours. (I had a cone with a scoop of malteser and a scoop of the blue stuff, much more mature!) And then we went to get the “Noddy Train” back up to the car park before going home. The train is a land train that runs on a tractor made to look like an old steam train and pulls carriages with seats in. My dad decided that he would walk back to the car with my sisters dog while we rode up there. It was a good 30 mins walk without the help of the dog. The dog however had better ideas, got about 5 mins from the train and stopped. Sat then lay down and didn’t move. The pooch was unmoveable! So we got a call from dad to tell us about this, I was the only one of the adults not giggling I may add! And a few mins later we went by them on the train and the pooch was resolutely not moving. We get just about up to the car having decided that we’re going to get the cars and drive down to pick dog and dad up, only to get another call from dad saying that the dog has started walking…. but in the opposite direction and there is nothing he can do to get her to go the other way. So he went back to the place we sat and ate ice cream and waited for us.  I really did feel for my dad, and I hope the tired dog felt for him too! Needless to say, we called into Morrisons a few minutes later where I picked up a bottle of Ale for him to enjoy that night in an attempt to cheer him up. 

    This is the train

    So that was a fun day out!

  3. Adventures ‘Oop North.

    August 16, 2014 by rachy

    We reached the summer holidays a few weeks ago, and boy were we ready for them! Little Troll has complete 18months in his School Nursery and will be going into Reception class this September. That means full time school, lunches at school, red jumpers!! This is a little bit scary. I don’t know how he suddenly became a 4 and a half year old child and no longer a baby or toddler. So that’s one bit of news. He will love it I’m sure, I will find it very strange for a little while I think.


    During this summer holiday Little Troll has had his birthday party. For those of you who don’t know, Little Troll’s official birthday is at the end of December, so instead of him missing out on the usual Birthday things he gets a party and proper gives about 6 months after the day. (He does get a little cake and a few token gifts on his actual birthday, but by then he is usually over whelmed by opening gifts from us, my in-laws and my family.) So he had a party at a local soft play area, and it was lovely. There were about 17 children total and for the most part it went nice and smoothly. My parents came down for the party and the following day Little Troll and I travelled back up to Yorkshire with them to spend two weeks with my Northern family and friends.


    In that time I met my new niece who is about 11-12 weeks old,  who is stunning and lovely. We went to afternoon tea at the White Heart pub in Penistone, (don’t make fun of the name of the town 😉 )which was super posh and lovely! I have honestly never been served nicer soup in my life, and their eton mess was delicious. Plus they had lights in the floor and super tall backed chairs which were lovely and entertaining! I suspect that one of my fave parts of this trip was discovering that they have Prosecco on draft.



    That was a lovely afternoon out. Very filling and very fun, and to top it off we went through a place called…..


     Cheese Bottom.

    That makes me laugh far too much.

    We also got to see my “Cousin” and her son, and the boys played nicely in the paddling pool for a good amount of time before coming inside to annoy us and amuse us in almost equal measure. 

    We spent a lovely few hours at Clumber park, where Little Troll managed to get his legs covered in deep scratches from bramles within 5 minutes of us setting off on our adventures into the woods. This was followed by a nice picnic and then lots of games involving plastic fishing nets.  Little Troll enjoyed making himself into a Dalek by putting a net onto his head. We also played boule and a version of bat and ball which did not end well for me, as I seem to only be able to hit the ball behind me.  I think the following photo shows that Little Troll had a great time. IMG_7217

    I also went to a craft class which I’ll post about in more depth on my crafty page, but it was a good lot of fun. I’m sure we did more things while we were up there but, I can’t think of them at the moment, other than one teeny tiny thing.

    We went to the wedding of two of our closest friends. The now Mr and Mrs P has a beautiful wedding, and a cracking reception. We put Little Troll in a suit and a bow-tie which he loved and didn’t want to take off. My lovely friend T looked stunning, and her hubby and son looked utterly handsome (as did Big Troll.) We had a very long, very lovely day and were so pleased to have been invited. I have never cried at a wedding before, not even my own, but this one felt so lovely and nice that I was utterly moved. If they get married again I want to be there 😉

    Now we’re back in Welsh Wales, with our lovely Puss-cat Pixel. I am tired and happy after a lovely time ‘Oop North.’ I hope you have had a good couple of weeks. And hopefully I shall post again on one of my pages soon. I do intend to try to post on them once a week if I can. My intentions are good even if I don’t manage to do it.

    Take care all!