I showed my sister the picture of the goat I did and she said “Do me a stag!” She has a slight  massive fixation with stags. So I said yes and spent the afternoon completing it. I used a Ben Kwok template from the FB page Ornation Creation. (You ought to go have a look, the templates are really good and he does them for free. Lovely, clever chap!) I enjoyed doing it but I admit that by the time I got to the antlers I was ready to be finished. I am not a fan of small spaces to fill. (Oh I feel a f’narr coming on!) I just don’t have a steady enough hand for it and to be fair I don’t have the patience for it either. So here he is, Alfred. Who within minutes of being sent to my sister will have been re-named Stephen, didn’t you know that any self respecting stag is called Stephen. It’s just the way of the world. 



While I was sitting in the living room doodling my 5 year old (Little Troll/LT) came in and asked what I was doing. When I told him it was a picture for Aunty A he told me that he wanted to do one for her too. It was an amazing and sweet picture, complete with a map on the back to show her where the treasure is?! But! Until I have posted the picture to her I cannot possibly spoil the surprise and post it on here. So instead I have uploaded the picture he did of a volcano erupting and a Duckosaurus. It was very lovely and clever. 

be4en dino2


That’s it for now, I shall no doubt post again soon. Any suggestions for pics etc are gratefully received. 

Take care and thanks for reading.

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