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Handy Challenge

This weeks Diva Challenge was to  try some new medium to tangle with. I decided to pick up LT’s colouring box. I used his big fat Crayola felt tips and his thin felt tips too. Gosh it was hard work. I just couldn’t be intricate or careful with them at all. It was actually very frustrating. However I quite like my final result.

I hope the Diva lady doesn’t mind, but I took inspiration from her poorly thumb. I live in a house of clumsy people, I am one of them. In fact just ask my mother about some of the accidents and misfortunes I’ve had over the years. (Or LT for that matter! He had to go to hospital with sandwich up his nose and Welshtroll had to have multiple surgeries after jumping off a bench and breaking his leg. We’re just that family!) So I fully sympathise with your poor thumb! I hope it’s feeling better soon.


LT is back at school as of today, so I’m hoping that I will manage to get a bit more crafty stuff or doodling stuff done over the next few days. The weather here is rather bleak at the moment. (Though not as extreme as it is in many parts of the world!) Today we had rain, hail and snow all within minutes of each other and all taking it in turns over and over. So sods law says that LT will end up with a snow day and all my plans will be doomed!


Anyway! Thank you for reading and take care.