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  1. World o slim!

    August 22, 2014 by rachy

    For a while now I have been going to slimming world as some of you may know. I have rather enjoyed it, it’s as not difficult as I thought it would be. They explained the in’s and outs of it, the do’s and don’t’s and none of it seemed to be too scary. It took a couple of weeks to get the hang on things but it was going well from the start. In that first week I lost 6lb, which is great, it would have got me slimmer of the week, but because they sort of expect you to loose quite a chunk in the first week they leave it until the second week to put you in for that sort of thing, which makes sense. My next loss was good too, 4.5lb so very pleased that within 3 weeks of joining I had lost 10.5lb. The next I had another 2lb off and the following week I didn’t loose anything but I did maintain my weight. So in my first month I managed a 12.5lb loss and was lucky enough to get slimmer of the month. I felt and still feel rather proud of that. 

    It makes such a massive difference going to a group and sitting and talking about things, doing this with other people who are in situations similar to mine. I have done various diets before and although they’ve worked they never did much after the first month and there certainly wasn’t the support there with them for real life stuff. Being able to talk to folk online is all well and good but sometimes a real world connection is needed. The people in my group are very nice, in various stages of their weight loss goals and are so supportive of each other, it’s lovely.  In fact it’s nothing like I imagined it to be. I thought it would be daunting and people would judge you. I thought they would announce your weight at each weigh in, I thought everyone would see the dreaded numbers come up, I thought there would be a shaming type thing going on. I couldn’t have been more wrong honestly! You go in, you hand your card over and it logs you at the meeting, you pay your money over, then you go and get weighed. (And of course you come to group in light clothes and take your shoes off. I make sure that I’ve been to the loo for a 2 before group, TMI I know BUT I stick by my theory that it works!!) Once you’ve weighed, you put your piece of fruit in the bowl that is awarded to slimmer of the week at the end of the session. Then you have a sit and a natter with the people there, you look at the snacks, books, magazines and recipes that are there. The lady running the group (she’s bouncy and lovely) goes around the group and talks about how we’ve done, though she doesn’t say “Oh! You’ve put on 3lb this week!” or anything like that. She tells us how much the person has lost that week, we clap, or how much total loss is and we clap, how hard people have tried etc. We clap a lot, at first I didn’t really feel comfy with it if I’m honest. It felt silly to me, but it’s not, not at all. I understand now, you praise and celebrate all the good points, and you encourage people to keep going and keep trying. It doesn’t matter if someone has gained or had a bad week, you move on and keep going. We discuss what we could have done better, what our downfalls are and of course we don’t focus on the negative totally, we talk about what things we can use to make things easier, what we like to make or eat. The group helps each other, suggests things and supports themselves so well. (Though often conversations go off on a good tangent, which usually lead to giggles all round.) It’s a nice feeling being there. I am so glad I joined. (Another good reason to go is you get stickers and certificates! How awesome is that? As an adult where can you get STICKERS as a reward?! If I had been told years ago that I got stickers and free tea if I went to SW I would have been off down there to sign up in a flash!)

    I went up to Yorkshire for 2 weeks, so I had a week off of group (though kept eating healthily, and then would arrive home in time to go to the following group. The second week of my stay was not quite as healthy as the first. But you know what? I had treat, and they felt like treats. The difference between eating junk and crap all the time and having it now and then really is that it feels like a treat and it becomes so much more enjoyable. My Thurs night dinner has become Steak, Syn-free chips, veg and I have a bottle of fruit cider throughout the evening. Then my dessert that night is a Galaxy Ripple bar. My god it feels and tastes like heaven. I don’t use many of my 15 daily Syn points. I don’t want to, so this is just world stoppingly good! I came back to weigh in expecting to have either maintained my weight (at best!) or to have gained. And after a lovely week and treaty food that would have been fine, I would have moved on and started again. However I was pleased and shocked to find I had lost 1lb. That may not be much but it was more than I thought would happen. 

    Well last night was my SW weigh in night, and I wanted to loose 1/2lb which would have taken me up to a stone lost. This would have given me my second certificate to stick up on the fridge. And more stickers for the back of my book. I have had quite a good week. One thing I have discovered that works better for me is to not snack. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. All healthy, all good size portions. I haven’t felt hungry in-between my meals at all so far. In fact the only time I have got peckish when it wasn’t a meal time is on nights where I stay up until 2am. At which point I just go to bed rather than having snacks just before sleep. So I’ve been sticking to my plan this week, it’s the first week I haven’t written a food diary and I thought that I would have lost my 1/2lb. I also said that if I didn’t I would be chopping off a limb! So in we go, hand our card over. (I don’t pay at the moment as I bought 6 weeks for the price of 5.) Then it’s shoes off, deep breaths and on the scales. 

    Last night I swear to you, you could have knocked me over with a (weighty) feather! I thought the scales were broken or something. I looked at the ladies gadget and thought “nah that’s not right” What I was seeing didn’t make sense. I had found it more difficult to loose my last 1.5lb toward my stone than any of the rest of it. So this was very confusing. The lady looks at me, the lady behind me in the line looks at me. I am totally confused. I had lost a whopping 8.5lb since last Thursday nights weigh-in. How is that possible? I don’t know, but it was! That’s a total loss of 1 stone 8lb. Off I go to sit down and wait for our group natter. In which I’m not only presented with my 1 stone certificate but my 1.5 stone certificate too. I felt super embarrassed and a tad proud too. It felt nice to know that doing this was making a difference to me and that other people thought I was doing well too. At the end of the group I was then presented with a Slimmer of the Week certificate and the bowl of fruit that comes as your prize. I came home to tell Big Troll who was pleased with me and for me, and Little Troll who had been allowed a late night playing on his games on my computer while I was out said that he was “Very proud of me for winning the mummy competition and he wouldn’t ever sell me.” I think you can all appreciate the weight that took off my mind, which of us don’t worry that our children wont sell us eh?

    So yes! That is me feeling a little smug and a lot happy, as well as being rather hopeful that I can continue to loose weight in a nice healthy way- even if in a smaller weekly number!


    Take care all! xox

  2. Bridlington.

    August 18, 2014 by rachy

    We went for a day out to Brid while I was up North. Which was lovely! It was a bright day, we parked at Sewerby Hall and walked over the cliff towards the town. It was a bight, sunny and very breezy walk! Down at the town Little Troll and my mum walked along the beach, stopping every five steps because he was digging for buried treasure or shooting cannon balls at the pirates he could see in the distance. Luckily after a good half hour of this walking and not much distance covered it started to spit with rain and so my lovely boy was persuaded off of the beach onto dry land to get his jogger bottoms on. I don’t think I’ve ever been pleased to see rain at the seaside, however this one only lasted a few minutes and so by the time we were ready to head off again it had stopped and was brightening up again. So off we went in the direction of a chippy/restaurant that my mum and dad like. We had my sister and her dog, Kitty with us and are gradually wending our way in the right direction, though we’re still stopping every 30 yards because Little Troll has seen something he likes the look of. (Most noteably a play place that looks like the back end of a pirate ship.) We got there eventually, my sister and her pooch go and eat their fish and chips on the sea front, while LT, mum, dad and me go inside and sit down to eat. It was lovely! Huge portions, crispy batter, Big thick chips (which were lovely but I like the little ones 😉 ) and best of all mushy peas! Not only was lunch lovely, but in the restaurant as we went in was one of my oldest, loveliest friends! I hadn’t seen her for years, and I can’t tell you how much it made me smile. Such a lovely lady, I don’t get to see my Yorkshire friends very often, so it was doubly lovely. However I like the fact that I travel from Wales to South Yorkshire, head an hour and a half to Brid and still manage to see someone I know. That’s my dads skill, he can travel to the most remote corner of the world and still find someone he knows.  On the picture closer up on the boat, we are at the front, LT in a green coat and me in big sunglasses (near a man in dark blue.)


    After lunch we walked along the front for a few minutes, before we see the “Pirate Ship.” It’s £2 for adults and £1 for children for a 10minute ride. So I figure it will be nice and peaceful and fun for LT. Off we go, lined up, sitting on the ship right at the front and off we go. Well let me tell you! That was not as much fun as it could have been. I never minded fayre ground rides or anything like that, but apparently I’m not too happy about being on a ship that competes with a speed boat. It actually was fun, LT loved it. Though he held onto me for dear life with one hand and waved his pirate flag with the other. And he was very excited to see the Pirate ship building we walked by earlier, because it wasn’t enough to be on a ship eh?! I don’t know if I would do it again, I know it wasn’t exactly white knuckle (for most!) but going in and our of the harbour and going over the waves created by the speed boat was VERY bouncy and made us bump about a lot. I feel I may be getting old if I can’t cope with that! Hopefully my mum is in the process of sending us some pictures, I didn’t take any… because I was on the boat.

    So after that we went through the games on the prom and LT did hook a duck and won the worlds most badly made blue swirly pig/dog toy that moulted so much that I’ve had to shave his trousers. 😉 Followed by calling at an ice cream shop, when LT had a cone with Blue ice cream with marshmallows and enough E numbers to power a very energetic child for a few hours. (I had a cone with a scoop of malteser and a scoop of the blue stuff, much more mature!) And then we went to get the “Noddy Train” back up to the car park before going home. The train is a land train that runs on a tractor made to look like an old steam train and pulls carriages with seats in. My dad decided that he would walk back to the car with my sisters dog while we rode up there. It was a good 30 mins walk without the help of the dog. The dog however had better ideas, got about 5 mins from the train and stopped. Sat then lay down and didn’t move. The pooch was unmoveable! So we got a call from dad to tell us about this, I was the only one of the adults not giggling I may add! And a few mins later we went by them on the train and the pooch was resolutely not moving. We get just about up to the car having decided that we’re going to get the cars and drive down to pick dog and dad up, only to get another call from dad saying that the dog has started walking…. but in the opposite direction and there is nothing he can do to get her to go the other way. So he went back to the place we sat and ate ice cream and waited for us.  I really did feel for my dad, and I hope the tired dog felt for him too! Needless to say, we called into Morrisons a few minutes later where I picked up a bottle of Ale for him to enjoy that night in an attempt to cheer him up. 

    This is the train

    So that was a fun day out!

  3. Adventures ‘Oop North.

    August 16, 2014 by rachy

    We reached the summer holidays a few weeks ago, and boy were we ready for them! Little Troll has complete 18months in his School Nursery and will be going into Reception class this September. That means full time school, lunches at school, red jumpers!! This is a little bit scary. I don’t know how he suddenly became a 4 and a half year old child and no longer a baby or toddler. So that’s one bit of news. He will love it I’m sure, I will find it very strange for a little while I think.


    During this summer holiday Little Troll has had his birthday party. For those of you who don’t know, Little Troll’s official birthday is at the end of December, so instead of him missing out on the usual Birthday things he gets a party and proper gives about 6 months after the day. (He does get a little cake and a few token gifts on his actual birthday, but by then he is usually over whelmed by opening gifts from us, my in-laws and my family.) So he had a party at a local soft play area, and it was lovely. There were about 17 children total and for the most part it went nice and smoothly. My parents came down for the party and the following day Little Troll and I travelled back up to Yorkshire with them to spend two weeks with my Northern family and friends.


    In that time I met my new niece who is about 11-12 weeks old,  who is stunning and lovely. We went to afternoon tea at the White Heart pub in Penistone, (don’t make fun of the name of the town 😉 )which was super posh and lovely! I have honestly never been served nicer soup in my life, and their eton mess was delicious. Plus they had lights in the floor and super tall backed chairs which were lovely and entertaining! I suspect that one of my fave parts of this trip was discovering that they have Prosecco on draft.



    That was a lovely afternoon out. Very filling and very fun, and to top it off we went through a place called…..


     Cheese Bottom.

    That makes me laugh far too much.

    We also got to see my “Cousin” and her son, and the boys played nicely in the paddling pool for a good amount of time before coming inside to annoy us and amuse us in almost equal measure. 

    We spent a lovely few hours at Clumber park, where Little Troll managed to get his legs covered in deep scratches from bramles within 5 minutes of us setting off on our adventures into the woods. This was followed by a nice picnic and then lots of games involving plastic fishing nets.  Little Troll enjoyed making himself into a Dalek by putting a net onto his head. We also played boule and a version of bat and ball which did not end well for me, as I seem to only be able to hit the ball behind me.  I think the following photo shows that Little Troll had a great time. IMG_7217

    I also went to a craft class which I’ll post about in more depth on my crafty page, but it was a good lot of fun. I’m sure we did more things while we were up there but, I can’t think of them at the moment, other than one teeny tiny thing.

    We went to the wedding of two of our closest friends. The now Mr and Mrs P has a beautiful wedding, and a cracking reception. We put Little Troll in a suit and a bow-tie which he loved and didn’t want to take off. My lovely friend T looked stunning, and her hubby and son looked utterly handsome (as did Big Troll.) We had a very long, very lovely day and were so pleased to have been invited. I have never cried at a wedding before, not even my own, but this one felt so lovely and nice that I was utterly moved. If they get married again I want to be there 😉

    Now we’re back in Welsh Wales, with our lovely Puss-cat Pixel. I am tired and happy after a lovely time ‘Oop North.’ I hope you have had a good couple of weeks. And hopefully I shall post again on one of my pages soon. I do intend to try to post on them once a week if I can. My intentions are good even if I don’t manage to do it.

    Take care all!

  4. Wriggle Mk2!

    August 15, 2014 by rachy

    As I have just put on my crafty page, I have decided to get rid of my rachygetscrafty site and combine it with my munki one. I think having two sites was ambitious to start with but because I’m very lazy it was never going to end well. So now instead of having the sites being stand alone they are one with a bit of slash action! 

    So I shall be using my normal for every day type things, including the goings on in the Troll house, gaming, Slimming world stuff, and all the other stuff that flows freely from my poor little mind. for a nice easy place to keep track of recipes, and to share them too of course. And finally for all things crafty. My promarkering, Zentagles, Button gubbins, anything that I can make or do that isn’t food will be going here. 

     You’ll now find links at the top of the website to the other areas next to “About.”

  5. Pies, pies and pies! (And bread)

    March 13, 2013 by rachy

    A while since my last post, though this isn’t the first one I’ve written. I have done several and not quite finished any so not published them. So that makes me only semi-rubbish.

    I don’t really have anything super interesting to report at the moment.

    Little Troll seems to be enjoying nursery and is coming on nicely, though it seems he doesn’t like to listen or do as he’s told, but then again what 3 year old/boy/child does?

    I’ve got some new toys on their way to my house at the mo! My birthday pressy from my parents and hubby troll, a Big Shot Die Cutter, I am VERY excited about it.

    Today I am going to show off some of my baking/cooking goodies. I seem to be getting rather good with pastry!

    This is my Gammon, Chicken and Leek pie. Made with smoked gammon, and it was utterly mouthgasmish.

    Brief recipe:

    Chop up a couple of gammon steaks and a couple of chicken breasts,

    Soften leeks and onion in a pan.

    Get a bowl put diced meat, leeks and onions plus some sausage meat and an egg.

    Season then stir it all together.

    Make up basic pastry (200g flour, 110g butter, splash of water, X2) then put it in the fridge to cool.

    When cooled roll out, line a greased tin with the pastry, fill with meaty goodness and put a pastry top on it.

    Pinch it to seal the top and give it an egg brush. Needs about 2hours cooking on about 180c degrees.

    Two lots of bread I made yesterday, just basic white bread recipe (500g strong flour, 300ml water, 2tblsp oil 7g yeast) and chopped into balls and put in a pie tin to cook instead of a bread tin. Rather satisfying, looks nice and makes good tear and share bread

    This is the same recipe as above but cooked in a bundt tin, looks nice but breaks easily because it doesn’t have the middle bit to hold it together. I intend to do this recipe again very soon but use slightly less oil and add crispy bacon bits into the dough. See how that works out!

    Blaenau Gwent-20130313-00697

    The first picture here is my first attempt at Bara Brith. The outside was a little harder than I would have liked but it tasted amazing. The second picture is my most recent attempt and it was glorious. Moist, rich and not too hard on the outside, though the brown sugar in the mix give it a nice toffee-ish-ness to the outside.

    This is a link to the recipe I use,

    However you might like to add some nuts or different dried fruits, I suspect this would taste good with dried blueberries and cranberries. The fact that you have to soak the fruit in tea just sells this to me everytime!

    The other things I’ve made today are a Corned beef Pie and a Giant Chicken and Veg Pot Pie. Both have turned out quite well. Really pleased with the pastry, nice and crisp and just the right amount of crumble to it when you bite into it.

    Blaenau Gwent-20130313-00700

    This is similar to the recipe I used for the Corned Beef pie, though I used Hendersons/Worchester Sauce instead of ketchup and a squirt of tomato puree.

     The Chicken pie is literally just:

    Onion, celery, carrot diced and fried till soft.Fry diced chicken breast till cooked then mix together, crumble a stock cube (veg or chicken) and pour a little boiling water on then mix, season and tip into a baking dish and put a pastry top on. Milk or egg wash then bake till golden, 30-45mins tops.

    Blaenau Gwent-20130313-00703


    So that’s some of my recent cooking adventures. Am still loosing weight, more slowly now but that suits me fine. For St David’s day the kids dressed up for newpaper photos and Little Troll was in it, he is of course the only child not looking at the camera…. well done Little Troll.

     st davids arrow

    Looking forward to visiting my parents and some friends in a few weeks up in Yorkshire. Had an appointment to discuss my next arm operation, which they have said will be 6 months, which as you can imagine I’m thrilled about! However the doctor did say he would put me down as Urgent, so it may be sooner, who knows?


    That’s me done for the night, nothing more to report at the mo.

    Take care all.


  6. Newness and changes.

    January 9, 2013 by rachy

    Happy New Year!


    I hope you all had a good festive period and that Santa brought you everything you wanted or deserved!

    I have been a bit rubbish these last few months. It’s not that  I didn’t/don’t want to Blog. It’s that I’m far too skitty for my own good, I get distracted very easily and then just don’t think to do it. So this post will be a bit of a catch up I think.

    So in the last few months there have been a few changes in my life, some big, some small, some bad, some good and some that have gone without much notice at all.

    I don’t really know where to start, I am terrible at remembering dates so can’t really put them in any order. I’ll start with some of the bigger ones first I s’pose.

    So Little Troll started going to playschool in October, that was a big change for me and him. He was going 3 mornings a week. It was a rocky start, there were lots of tears (mostly his) but in the end he loved it there and was very happy. Then they broke up for the Christmas holiday, which just happen to coincide with when he would be finishing there any way.

    Then there was Christmas, which we spent in Yorkshire this year and was lovely! Nice and relaxed and good fun! Saw lots of family and had a smashing time. Little Troll got spoilt. Goes without saying really I suppose, but he had a Christmas before we went to Yorkshire with my In-laws, then real Christmas day, then his birthday and then we came home and had 2 more present opening days. It was madness and our tiny house is bursting. Big Troll and myself also got spoilt. We were given some lovely gifts this year and some that really meant a lot to us, so thank you very much again to all who gave us things, we really appreciate them!

    We were lucky enough to see our Hull friends this Christmas too, which made us all so happy! Little Troll got to run around with his big *cousin* and I got to see my dear friends! That was marvellous!

    Next would be Little Troll’s third birthday. THIRD! 3! How did that happen! I swear the little bugger only just climbed out of me in his little smoking jacket and bubble pipe ensemble! (That’s a much nicer way of thinking of his birth which was a bit rotten!) So we had a Tea party at my Mama’s house with one of Little Troll’s cousins and aunts etc which was lovely.

    Turning three meant another thing though. He is officially School Nursery age. It doesn’t make sense! One minute he was a baby and the next he was a little person! Who’da thunk it?! So all togged up and ready to go was he on Tuesday morning,  Big Troll, Little Troll and myself walked to the school where he had, had a smashing “Taster Session” all rather jolly. He played in the play ground, he tried to race with 3 boys who were double his size and age (and could potentially have won had it not been for the wrist strap attaching little troll to big!) and then the time came to go into his nursery. Thinking how fer *firsts* his daddy really gets I thought it would be a good idea to let him do the de-coating, kiss and bye-bye sending him off on his merry way into his new classroom. I should not think, I should have got it in my skull by now that thinking is not my strong point (tea and bacon are my strong points!) This was a big mistake, luckily we had waited until there was only one child left to take him in, this little one was having parting issues too. Big Troll said bye to daddy and pointed him in the right direction and our came the tears and upset. So in the end it was a case of poor Big Troll escaping outside, me hanging his things up and then making a dash for it while the teacher (when LT leaves nursery we will pay for her medical bills!!) wrestled him and got him inside. Later she would tell us that as soon as he was inside, as I suspected he was fine.

    Today was day 2 of nursery. Today he stood in the play ground happily with me, he played with me. When the time came to go in, he took his coat off, took his water bottle and wandered into the classroom without a second glance. Poor mama troll didn’t even get a kiss! However I did get to come home, catch up on house work and relax for a bit with a cuppa!

    Little Troll Uniform

    Tonight we’re off to see The Hobbit with Dok and Big Troll. Am really looking forward to this! I think the last thing we went to see was the Avengers. Little Troll is being packed off to his Nanny’s house and we shall have a couple of hours without him but together! Mad crazy talk eh?

    Nothing much more to report at the moment. Am about to go and sort out my wayward son who is refusing to have a nap and is singing a version of Baa Baa Black Sheep with Dinosaurs and robots in.

    Take care and thanks for reading!

  7. The End is Nigh.

    September 2, 2012 by rachy

    end is nigh1

    There are some things in life we hope for. Be it love, happiness, family, money, jobs, whatever, we all hope for many things. I hope for all the usual things and I’ve been so lucky in many respects, I always wanted to marry have babies and when they were older work in child care. I’m well on my way to having that and so much more. These are the big things in life, the goals at the end of long journeys I suppose. For me what makes life more fun and interesting are the smaller goals. The more personal ones, the little things we hope and aim for no matter how big or small they are. For example hoping to do well on a test at school, hoping to be able to solve a Sudoku without having to ask your husband, not that I have to do that of course. *looks shifty* There is a never ending list of things that we want, aren’t we a greedy breed?

    Many of you already know that I’m a gamer, console and PC and more recently because of Big Troll’s new addiction board games too. I tend to like any types of games big or small, action or arcade, MMO or desktop. However I fell in love with one game many years ago and it became a big part of my life, more of an addiction for a long time I suppose, which isn’t something I regret at all. The game in question is “City of Heroes/Villains.”


    Because of this game I have become a different person, which I’m sure will seem like a strange thing to say, especially to none gamers. City of has a lot to answer for! For instance, my living room has 2 great big canvas prints on its walls depicting some of the main characters from the games as well as a statuette of the main villain and a cape hanging from my kitchen door. My son has a god mother who, without City of, I would never have met and loved and become such good friends with. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck (some may think this crazy but I adore this one of my tattoos!) showing a symbol from the game.

    arachnos tattoo

    I have met (in real life and in the gaming community) so many lovely and often odd people. I have made some bloody amazing friends. We have been to a gaming convention and had our main characters drawn by the game’s amazing artists and we have even been immortalised (HA!) in the game itself!

    (Click here and here to see us!)

    So as you can see it has taken a big chunk of my life. And that’s just awesome! I love all the people I’ve met, and all the fun I’ve had  in the game! There is quite literally always something new for me to do, whether it’s the amazeballs character customisation or the ever increasing and improving content or simply the new people coming into the game.

    I’m sure you’re wondering how I got from hopes and goals to a rambling about an MMO. For me it was rather a simple step. I want to play this game with my son. Nothing too exciting about that I know. I want him to grow up and have a million interests and to do as many different things as he likes. But I really want to play this game with him.

    I met the partner of Little Troll’s God mum in City of, I got on with him like a house on fire, and then I met his son in game, and he was the sweetest boy! I can still remember the conversations and the fun I had with them both. Then on occasion he and I would go on mic to talk to each other with words rather than text, and always there was this voice in the background telling him off or taking the mick out of him. Very soon I had added the mystery voice to my MSN list and we were talking daily for long periods. She is just wonderful. She is now part of my family in my opinion. She was at my wedding, she was one of the first people to know when I was pregnant, she was one of the first to know about Little Troll being born, and she has been there (from a distance unfortunately) for every step of his life. Our friendship has become something I could never do without. So because of the lovely friendship I’ve got with her and seeing her partner and son playing and how close it keeps them and how much fun they have I want to do that with Little Troll. I want him to have the same sort of bond with me or his dad that gaming has brought to those two.

    However this is one hope that is not going to come to life. It was announced on the 31st August that City of will be closing its doors (so to speak) on the 30th November 2012 for good.

    I can understand if what I say next is questionable or stupid to you, again especially if you’re not a gamer or don’t have a big passion for something, but, I am quite literally heart broken. So much time (and money) invested into a game for it to be taken away without a moments notice, or so it feels. I’m sure in the Company’s opinion they’re doing the right thing, but not in mine. I want to go and get every second out of this game now that the end is nigh, but at the same time I have a feeling of resentment and therefore feel like I don’t want to go on at all. It feels so personal, how could they do this to me? And yet, of course it’s not personal, it’s just business.

    What a waste.

    The community of players and developers (who had no idea it was going to be closed either) are all rallying round, all showing support for the workers who are either being redeployed in other areas or are being put out of work. They are thanking and showing love for all the people who have put work into the game that has brought so much joy to all of us Heroes and Villains, I of course was a Villain more than I was ever a hero.

    I am lucky in a way, I talk to a lot of people I met in game either via msn, Facebook, twitter or email. I won’t loose them which is smashing, but what we all will loose is undefinable.

    Really after all my ramblings and ranting’s all I have to say is this:

    Thank you to all those who worked on the game, thank you to all the community members/ players who made playing it so much fun and such a joy, thank you to the friends I’ve made during my years in the game and lastly, to the Big Business People (I imagine them in very dark suits and black sun glasses, sort of like Agent Smith in The Matrix.) you are rubbish, I don’t like you and you’re not on my Christmas card list.


    Thank you for reading.


  8. Sparkly, Snazzy Wonderpops!

    August 31, 2012 by rachy

    Hello and welcome to my new blog.

    It’s almost September, which means it’s almost my birthday. And this year as with all other Big Troll and I struggle to come up with something I wanted for a pressy. After thinking long and hard, which was very difficult and took lots of tea! I decided I would like two new websites. One (this one) which will be devoted to my ramblings and general stuff and the other (which I will link when I’ve sorted it out) devoted to the crafts and stories and general other gubbins I enjoy.


    I’m still working out how and what I’m doing on here at the moment but hopefully some one will enjoy reading what I put as much as I enjoy writing it. I’ll be transferring all the old posts off my old blog on to here to keep things all together. And I’ve added a Gallery to annoy you all with lots of pics that I no doubt find funny.

    I think it’s only fitting that since this is my first post on this site I start it off with some style and flare. Therefore I’m going to link you to the song that is most stuck in my head at the moment!


    Take care all and have a nice day.

  9. Coming Soon!

    August 30, 2012 by rachy

    Suspense! Mystery! Dramatic deep breaths! 

    *disclaimer: We do not guarantee any of the above!*

  10. Oh what a week!

    August 19, 2012 by rachy

    Down in Troll Valley we’ve had an eventful old week! 

    Monday saw me going swimming with Red and our respective off spring. The tots loved the pool and would have happily stayed there a lot longer I’m sure! However as with all things, water time ended and off we went to get changed.
    Before getting into the pool I dropped my trousers into a puddle, so it only seemed right that when we were collecting our things to get dressed afterwards that I drop Little Troll’s trousers in the same one. Then whilst standing stock still in the cubicle, Little Troll slips falling flat on his back, he has a talent for the oddest and least expected accidents! So he hits his head on the floor with a decent clunk and is inconsolable for at least three minutes until I give him my towel, some juice and a snack. Leaving me with a baby towel to get dried with, I don’t think I thought that through if I’m honest. However he happily sat sniffing, sipping and scoffing while I get dressed as quickly as possible, then sort him out and off we go.

     I had this amazing idea that if I didn’t take his pushchair with us he would get super tired out and have a nap in the afternoon when we finally got home. Oh what a fool I am! Simple logic does not work with my son. He wasn’t tired one bit, in fact he was so awake that on the walk back home before heading to town (for we both needed fresh trousers) he wanted to stop and look at everything, twigs, bushes, rubbish, if it was on our way he stopped to look at or poke it. Following behind Red and Princess a fair distance away they head to their house and us to ours. En route home Little Troll falls over not once or twice which I feel would be acceptable for a toddler, but six times! Six times! How is that possible? It’s only a few minutes walk from Red’s house to ours and he manages to fall over that many times! And on fall number five he falls flat on a pile of dog poop, straight in the middle of his chest. He is a manky child at times with hidden talents in mess making! So instead of heading to town with the ladies, Little Troll and I head straight to the bathroom for an emergency bath cancelling all other plans. 

    Bare in mind this is only halfway through Monday, all this fun and it’s only about 2pm! So Little Troll and I sit down to some cheese sandwiches. That can’t possibly go wrong can it? Wrong! Little Troll decides in his infinite wisdom/childish curiosity that instead of eating said sandwich he should shove it up his nose! Not just a little bit, and not just a little way into his nose, but right the way back up to the back of the cavity. I remove all that I can, call the doctors who tell me they can’t help and that Little Troll and I have to go to hospital to have it removed. So off we go to the hospital, sit waiting for a couple of hours and when we’re seen he lays back and has the cheese and bread removed and we’re sent on our way. Wasn’t that exciting boys and girls? I know I found it utterly thrilling. It took several strong cups of tea to recover from that one!

    Tuesday on wards the week passes by without much more excitement. We see friends, we potter about, the usual. (Though Thursday night was spent in the company of Dotty and Red with chocolate fondue and Champagne, which was rather nice!) Saturday comes around and we’re off out to Big Troll’s work family do. They’ve got so many things set up for the adults and the children, the food is wonderful and the bar is free! Little Troll was in his element! He was running about like a loon! On the bouncy castle, in the disco area, on the bouncy assault course designed for much older children. He was super happy and was his usual ‘energetic’ self. Every now and then he would make a dash for it out of the main room the event was held in and would try and hide from us, each time we would catch him and bring him back. (Though at once point with much apologies to some people setting up for a dance or fashion show as he ran into their room and up onto their brand new cat walk. 

    It’s on one of these many escape attempts that he takes a stick used for spinning plates on, throws it out of the door way and laughs. I put him back in the room, turn and pick up the stick and put it back in the room to discover he’s gone. Big Troll hasn’t got him, he’s not in the room. He’s not in the bar room he threw the stick into. He isn’t there. I have never gone from one emotion to another so fast in my life. So Big Troll and I start looking for him, a couple of his work mates ask what’s wrong and as soon as I tell them they join in the hunt. The problem with being in a place with lots of luxury things is that they have snazzy gadgets and things, such as automatic escalators and automatic lifts. So as you approach them and they start going or the doors open. By this point we’ve all split up to look for him, I head down an escalator, so many awful things running through my head, into a giant, dark room, no sign of him, no reply when I shout him, nothing. I head back up the escalator as fast as I can, pop my head outside and start looking there, nothing again. Head back inside and start looking in there, when some one says they’ve seen him. Big Troll moves like the wind up the escalator to a lady who is walking Little Troll back toward us looking very mischievous and chuffed with himself if a little sheepish. He had gone up the escalator, into another party room then on to the lifts. One push of a button and he would have gone goodness knows where. It’s at that point we put his wrist strap on him and don’t let him out of our sight for a nano-second for the rest of the event. I am so thankful to the people who helped us look for him, the ladies who found him, and the free bar for making it all OK afterwards! How I didn’t sob when he was back with us is beyond me, because even thinking about it now makes me want to cry with all the “What ifs” in my mind. Any way! He was found and safe and wanting to play some more, it all having been a big game to him. 

    He doesn’t ever do things by halfs eh? Today is Sunday, a day where Little Troll has been bathed and fed, has played and read and driven us happily up the wall. A day where Big Troll has gamed and played with us, A day where I have made Casolet, Pavlova and Pancakes, as well as being a day where we went to my Troll-in-Laws and spent a few hours there with Little Troll running about making us all laugh and thoroughly enjoying himself. We have come home and eaten and put him to bed. How pleased am I that today has been uneventful? Very! Tonight Big Troll and I have watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes (the new one) and Murder by Death while he games (World of Tanks) and I have completed a few more cards. It has been thoroughly relaxing and I’m glad of it! 

    Who knows what drama and excitment this next week will bring? We intend to go swimming and to a birthday party this week, but that’s as big as our plans get. I have been posting this link on my facebook and twitter because I can’t help but find it funny. Worse still I find it funnier each time I see it. So I hope that you will enjoy it too.