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  1. Early rises and sanity demises!

    August 3, 2012 by rachy

    Random Tea pic to start the day off right!
    My adorable little Mini Troll woke me up this morning at about 5:30. It wasn’t the first time he woke us up today for he had a restless night, which is quite unusual for him- he has slept through the night more or less since birth. So this morning he woke up, his daddy turned his light on en route to the loo and the first words out of Mini Troll’s mouth were “Stories?” Last thing he said to me last night? “Stories?” The child is hooked on books! Which makes me happy, we’re a family of readers so that suits us well. So while I’m lying in bed and Big Troll is getting ready to leave for work, Mini Troll is reading a ‘Meg and Mog’ book to us. It was very good! After a few minutes I go into him and he jumps up at me, and off to the change mat we go. Soon as the little beasty is down on there he is wriggling and giggling like a maniac! He thinks everything is funny this morning, he has the energy of a hundred hyperactive otters! Just as I’m putting his trousers on him he lets out a mighty trump and looks up innocently and asks me “What was that?” You have to give him his dues, a lesser person would not have got away with it! And off we go to the living room where I point out that he is up far too early because the cartoons are not even up yet, I feel this is a good way to judge time! If there are no cartoons in the morning it is too early, if there are no cartoons in the evening it is too late. Logics! I’s got em!
    As I mentioned in my last post, I am off wandering today up to my in laws, where Mini Troll will get spoilt and where he will no doubt destroy everything in sight! He loves going up there, he can run around hiding and destroying all new things! Plus there are rabbits and cats for him to love (and eat their food!) I am hoping today will go by quickly and that the weekend will go by slowly, but I’m sure it will be the other way round! Usually I don’t mind early starts on Fridays as we have playgroup to wear him out and I stand at least a slim chance of him napping. But sadly today is not one of those days and no doubt by 10am I will be flagging!
    We have no plans this weekend other than sending Daddy Troll up into the loft to sort out the water tank, then if he’s a good boy I might make him stay up there while I pass things up to him! What a lucky boy he is! Muhahahaha! Maybe when he goes up there he will find a treasure chest full of money or something? I doubt it, but we live in hope eh? I just pray that this time Big Troll manages to stay inside the loft and not come through the ceiling!
    Well that’s my early morning ramble over with! Have a good Friday and enjoy your weekend! I am off to clean cereal off the living room floor and make more tea!

  2. Adventures in….

    July 25, 2012 by rachy

    Tomorrow we are off on adventures! There will be all sorts of exotic and fascinating things happening!

    First we are going to dare brave the depths of town! There will be cheese and wax buying! (Not to be confused with tasty tasty Edam!) 

    Then!!! There shall be walking! Oh for the walking! I am sure that by the time we get back from this part of our adventure we shall feel somewhat like Frodo and Sam did at the end of their journey, just with more babies/toddlers and less lava. And hopefully it will have a less touchy feely ending!

    There will be unheard of and freakish animals too! Well…. ducks! We’re going to try to fend them off with bread, I have heard this can work, but it can also make them come after you even more! It’s a risk we’re willing to take to re-claim the lake/pond! 

    There will be a pool of the murkiest deepest scariest variety, where the tots shall wrestle it out and see who is the champion. I believe they call them ‘Paddling Pools’ in the professional tot wrestling leagues. 

    And of course at the end of it there will be a meal fit for champions (and their offspring!) We will celebrate our adventures with cheese and home made biscuits and jam!  Or something. 

    As I said, adventure! Not to be taken on too lightly! Some of us may not make it, and if that’s the case I’m having their cake! Bod I hope there’s cake! (and that it’s not a lie!!) 

    IF I manage to make it through the ordeal we shall have a second celebration at home with cottage pie! This will be a day to remember, a day to look back on! The day we can be proud of in years to come! The day we conquered Cwmtillery Lakes!!! 

    *On a side note! I am really looking forward to tomorrow, taking all 4 tots up to the lake to feed the ducks and then coming back to Red’s house to play in the paddling pool and have a picnic. I just hope the weather holds for it. Though I don’t want it too hot because a) Weasel is rather pregnant and doesn’t need to be exhausted by the heat as well as our Mordor style walk and b) walking up the hills/mountains/deserts/wastelands is hard work on a cool day, on a hot day with prams etc its blooming hard! It’ll be nice to see the tots playing in the pool together and hopefully no one will try to drown each other and no one will damage anyone else! 

  3. Trolls, Tots and Tantrums!

    July 25, 2012 by rachy

    A taste of paradise.

    I appear to be a terrible blogger! Granted I never set out to be a regular posting member of the interwebs. But I think I have reached new heights in rubbishdom! I haven’t even really got a good excuse! I just seem to have gathered a bit of a life in the last year! Which is good and bad all at once!

    Let’s see if we can round up a few things interesting or otherwise that have happened in the past months.
    Erm… My Mini Troll is 2 and a half now, coming along nicely though gave us a scare when he lost his hearing briefly. Perfectly good now though and is happily destroying the house/people/the world as he goes along, usually leaving sticky finger prints and a trail of some food like substance.

    Husband Troll and I have celebrated our *counts on fingers* third wedding anniversary, which we did in style! Well in style for us! We went on our first family holiday, which also happened to be the first time Man Troll or I had been on a plane for about a decade. We had a lovely meal out just the two of us while my parents watched Mini Troll for us. Now this may sound mean, how could we go on holiday and leave mini at home!? Well we didn’t! We met my parents over in Menorca and spent a fantastic week in the most glorious of villas with them. Less than 200 yards from the pool and our own floor for me and the two Trolls plus two balconies attached to our room and a sun deck on the roof too. It was bliss, and made me realise just how much I want to make holidays a more regular thing for us! Mini Troll loved the sea and the pool and all things foreign! And Big Troll and I got some much needed rest from day to day stuff.

    We found out that the problem I’d been having with both my hands wasn’t Carpel Tunnel but was in fact nerve damage in both arms. So after some jolly fun tests (electric shocks in lots of places through both arms done by Dr Pain who was married to Dr Brain, I kid you not!) I got to see a specialist who was lovely and got me on the waiting list for an operation. Which I had at the end of March. Having a 2 year old and only one arm is interesting! Big Troll was very good looking after me and Little Troll, but he had to go back to work, and since my recovery wasn’t as straight forward as we were told it would be my daddy dear and my lovely sister came down to Wales to fetch me and take me back to the family home in Yorkshire so that they could help take care of Mini Troll. After a few days Big Troll joined us and we had a lovely time with my family.

    My left arm is now a lot better, my hand is near perfect! All the problems that I had with it before are 90% gone and 10% barely there. The scar and arm are another story. The scar is sensitive but they warned me it would be but they didn’t warn me that parts of my arm would be totally numb and have odd sensations in it. So that’s taking a bit of getting used to. They have offered me the same operation for my right arm, which I will have, but not until Ben is a little older.

    What else? Hmm… Holiday, Anniversary, Wonky arm. Games! I’ve recently gone back to playing City of again. I didn’t technically have a break, more that I just didn’t go on because I was preoccupied but so much real life bunf. But now I’m back playing it, and although it’s sad to see my favourite server looking a bit more ghost town-ish it’s good to be back. Catching up with old friends on there has been lovely! You forget just how nice some people can be!

    I started going to a regular play group on a Friday morning with some of my local friends, and am now devastated because the last one was last week and there won’t be another till 7th September! A whole summer without toast and space for Beasty to destroy things more freely (and not in my house!)

    When Little Troll was about 1 a friend of mine introduced me to one of her friends, we shall call her ‘Red’, who had a 6 month old little girl who I think we shall refer to as princess (though she’s not called that, her parents gave her a smashing name!) We have become good friends and see each other often, regular Tuesday mornings in the pub (purely bacon and tea!) as well as play group and other times. Which has helped Little Troll come out of his shell nicely. Not that he was really in his shell, in fact he’s so energetic and noisy and destructive and lovely and chatty that he really didn’t need any help there.  But socialising has got so much better with him.
    Also when Little Troll was about 6 months old I met a pregnant lady called…. hmmm I think I shall call her Dotty, who has become a wonderful friend! She had a little boy (G) who Little Troll adored… until G was able to walk and then it was all out war! She is also not from Wales.
    So that made 2 new friends and 2 new tots! And just to add a bit more excitement Dotty introduced another lady with her little one, She shall be Weasel and he shall be J. Who again aren’t from down here.
    So now there are 4 of us and 4 tots. We’re generally like witches cackling over a cauldron full of tea.
    It’s been so nice getting to know them all and to feel like part of a group.

    We recently had a local tv station come to do interviews at play group, as we’re the first community garden in South Wales or Gwent. And I made the final cut. This is my big break! I’m going to be a star!! Ok maybe not, but it’s nice of them to do it! The video is going to be out at the end of the month and will be the site’s 100th video.

    We have started playing lots of games recently. Big Troll has been given several for birthday, xmas and father’s day. So recently we’ve played Forbidden Island, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Zombie Dice and Settler of Catan. All have been a great success and so thoroughly enjoyable! I look forward to playing more of them soon! Once we got the rules understood the games weren’t half as daunting as they could have been!

    We have also had some sad news recently. My lovely Man Troll lost his Granddad about 10 days ago, and we have the funeral this Friday. My thoughts are very much with all my in-law family. I remember when my Grandma died during my pregnancy, it was so sad and so heart breaking. I just hope I can be there for my Hubby Troll and his family like they were for me.

    We’ve got some friends coming to stay this weekend which will be lovely, not seen them in a while so very much looking forward to seeing them! And we’ve just started making plans to go to see my family for my birthday in Yorkshire, and this year it’s Xmas in Yorkshire too! So a couple of things to look forward to!

    I’ve recently been looking at a few career ideas which look promising. But that will be for another post when I know more about it.

    Ooo! I picked up a new hobby earlier this year. On a visit to see my parents for a few days my mother showed me her Pro-Markers, it was love at first sight! I intend to put a few pictures of things I’ve been working on. And it’s re-kindled my love for making my own cards. To the point where Dotty and I intend to do a craft show later in the year if we can get enough products together and if I’m good enough! And on another visit ‘oop north’ my niece and nephew came to stay at the same time, so Mini Troll was able to meet his cousins for the first time. I wish he had known them sooner! But I am very glad that he knows them now!

    What else is there I can ramble on about?
    Something else that happened this week that makes me sad, my rapid boil kettle is going in the bin 🙁 This is super big bad news for me! The switch to make it boil broke off! Now this may not seem big to you, but I’m from Yorkshire! I don’t have blood in my veins, I have Tea!!

    There will, hopefully, be another post soon! But for now it is Mini Troll’s bedtime and cup of tea time for me (we have a pulley system set up to boil water which is all very intricate and complicated 😉 )
    Have a good evening all!

  4. Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

    July 4, 2010 by rachy

    I played the demo of this, and was hooked. I really enjoy all the Lego type games (though not so much on the Wii as on the 360), so when I saw there was going to be a collection of them and that they we’re going to be Harry Potter, well I just about popped from nergasming! 

    This game seems to offer a lot for people, and in my opinion is well worth it’s money. It has puzzles, and secrets, wonderfully funny animations relating rather well to the storyline of the books. Some die-hard potter fans may find issue with how close they manage to be to the stories, but let’s face it, if you could cope with the huge changes they made from book to film, you can cope with the changes they’ve made for the game… plus its Lego! What’s not to love eh?

    So as soon as I could, I had this game in my mucky little grasp, and as soon as I got chance (booting Welshtroll off the Xbob and putting Baby Troll in his wheelie-ma-jig), I got to playing it. I had enjoyed the demo so much that I wanted… no needed to see if the entire game would live up to it’s potential. And so far, for me at least, it has. 

    There are so many thing’s to do on there, that I easily find myself playing for hours without noticing, which to me is the sign of a good game. Like in the books, you learn the spells from the relevant teachers, you go through the motions of making sure you’ve got the hang of them before the game gives you the spell to use out of the classroom. You get to explore all of Hogwarts and it’s grounds, as well as going through Gringotts, where extra levels are kept when you’ve earned them, and of course you get to go down Diagon Alley and Nocturn Alley and explore the shops, and spend the points that you’ve earned throughout the game in them. And then you’ve got the cast list, you not only have the main human/ giant/ arachnid/ animal characters but you also have the beasties and people with lesser roles. On top of that, as if it needed anything more, you can play as those characters! So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a Lego Scabbers, fang or Crookshanks, you’ve got your wish. And then! You get to play as baddie’s as well as the goodies! *takes a breath*

    I have not yet completed all 4 years, but I’ve only had it a week and with hubby and baby at home with me, I don’t think I’m doing badly to have finished the first two years. I am looking forward to doing the next two stories very much! If they are as good as the one’s I’ve completed, I shall be a happy girly! Plus, when I have finished the entire lot of stories, I’ve unlocked free play, meaning that I can go back and do lots of playing about with Quidditch, and flying, and characters etc, and complete the secrets that I may have missed. 

    Now, I’m trying not to be all fan-boy-girl about this, but I feel I may be failing. I am struggling to find anything about this game that I don’t like. But I’ve another two years to find out… so to speak.

  5. First Blogasm.

    July 4, 2010 by rachy

    I was thinking the other day, which I  know for the most part is a novelty, that I read a fair few people’s blogs, tweets, status’ and god knows what else, every day. This set me thinking even more, shocking I know, I always comment at very least verbally (much to the dismay of those around me), and of course being me I always have an opinion on what’s being/been said. So why not just start putting my ramblings into more than 140 characters? I know I’m not the first and I’m positive I won’t be the last (unless someone reads mine and decides blogging as we know it cannot continue, either for a good or bad reason.), but why shouldn’t I give it a go… let’s face it, if all those strange rambly odd-bod Britney-Christina-Emo lovers can do it, then I can’t make too much of a mess of it!

    So welcome to my little world of ramblings and talking crap, of mis-formed and well-formed opinions, and of my life in general. Thank you for taking the time to nosey, and hopefully you’ll come back!